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pretavoyager-salleEveryone seems to put Paris on a pedestal for its beauty, but quite frankly, if you look closely, there’s some really ugly signage out there. (Trust me, I used to design signage!). Ironically, the more that fonts and design software becomes available for general consumption, it does not mean that people use it right. After I posted the picture above on Instagram from one of my evening strolls in Paris, the likes and comments led me to believe there really is an appreciation of good hand painted signage even in this day and age. Anyway, it all got me excited for Faythe Levine’s latest film (you may remember her from Handmade Nation) where she’s teamed up with Sam Macon: Sign Painters. Check out the trailer below and the official website for showings around the U.S. These guys sure look like characters.

So when I discovered that there is a sign painter behind some of my favorite spots (and logos) in Paris, I was super excited. David Rager is behind the logo (and often interior, with the help of his wife, Cheri Messerli) of Candelaria, Ten Belles, Glass, Le Depanneur, The Broken Arm and more. I was at Ten Belles when I was talking to someone who mentioned the sign painter, so I looked into my favorite logos and looked it up. Jacky Georges has been painting signs for over 50 years. I like that I couldn’t find much online about him, but this picture captures him at work. Rumor has it he only takes on projects he likes too. With the increasing use of bad type like Comic Sans on the streets of Paris, good design and hand painted signs is just what I need more of!

pretavoyager-candelariaThis is the [hand painted] sign from the “secret” bar in the back of Candelaria. Enter through 52 rue Saintonge, 75003 for delicious tacos before heading back for a top notch cocktail.

pretavoyager-tenbellesJust off Canal Saint Martin you’ll find Ten Belles (and their own hand painted sign), one of the more happening coffee joints in the city. It’s located at 10 rue de la Grange aux Belles, 75010. Note: it will be closed for 3 weeks in August.

I always love discovering new places, but right now I’m really keen on discovering them through the designers behind them! For more inside the collaborations of David + Cheri, check out Weekends.


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