FRENCH LESSONS: Changement de saisons

pretavoyager-changementdesaisonsThe changing of seasons (changement de saisons) is something that exists in many places of the world, but in France it means more than just the changing of leaves and weather; it can also can represent a mental space. A few years ago I went to la pharmacie (the pharmacy) because I was feeling unusually exhausted and felt like I may need some vitamins. The pharmacist was not surprised at all by my fatigue, quickly explaining it as “C’est le changement de saisons.” I’ve had other friends experience and hear the same thing, and like clockwork, late fall every year it hits me. Maybe it’s all in my head, but has anyone else had this feeling from the changement de saisons? Is it just a French thing?

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  • I love these petit French lessons! I’m trying to learn the language myself, and am finding that I do okay teaching myself, but it’s hardest to pick up these little phrases and idioms. Thanks for adding to my lessons!

  • S.A.D. affects all sorts of people. Even here in sunny Arizona we experience a mood change during the seasons. I have read that it is due to our bodies adjusting to the cold, lack or sunlight, etc. Either way, do not feel alone.

  • I’ve heard this in Spanish, from People from Mexico: “Es el cambio del clima”. At first I thought they were talking about climate change :) but they definitely were not; it was the reason for colds and flus and fatigue, much as you state.

    I haven’t found anything in a dictionary to substantiate this, but I heard it a lot from clients in the health care setting I was working in.

  • I tried bright lights which had an impact on keeping me pepped up into winter, but the greatest improvement came from vitamin D. It turns out that most people are short of vitamin D. We work inside and we cover our skin with clothes so as it is the skin through which sunlight gives us out vitamin D we are all needing more. I only found out because my deficiency started to get dangerous. Apparently as we get older it gets worse too.

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