Dancing in the Deep End

pretavoyager-underwater-3-titleToday I went for a swim at Piscine Pailleron. The experience was quite different than my first visit for the WATO underwater party back in August. WATO [We Are the Oracle] is an events, audiovisual and communications agency known for their clandestine parties (I first learned about them on Messy Nessy Chic). As soon as I heard about the Underwater Party, I knew I had to take my love of Paris swimming pools (see here and here) to the next level. So I recruited a bunch of friends and danced in the deep-end for the night. It was my first time dancing in a pool, and man, did my calves feel it the next day! Funny too that at the time I didn’t realize how shallow the shallow end was – today I couldn’t even flip turn on that end (only in France, but to their credit the pool was originally built in 1933). In any case, I decided to put together a little video of the soirée to give you a sense of it. The game of “keep up” with giant balls was one of my favorite parts (halfway through the video). And if you haven’t gathered from the pictures, the dress code was white – a challenge given my black dominated Parisian wardrobe – with a blue accessory. For more WATO events follow their Facebook page. It appears the next shindig is The Victorious Shelter, a 1940s style party in a bunker on November 16th.






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