Fête du Graphisme {Paris}

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1491This year marked the inaugural year of Fête du Graphisme, a festival celebrating graphic design (graphisme = graphic design). It kicked off a couple weeks ago with Paris-themed posters by designers around the world appearing in place of advertising at bus stops around the city. There have been various events, projections and happenings around the city, and most notably a large temporary expo at Cité de la Mode et du Design along the Seine in the 13th (the large snake like building, which is also where Wanderlust happens and where the new digital/entertainment Musée Art Ludique is housed). It features 350 posters from designers on 45 countries and five continents, a “tour de France” of young French designers (a personal highlight in my opinion), 150 underground American “gig” posters, and more. The show is quick and fleeting – only on January 30 to February 2nd, but many of the posters are still on view near Champs-Élysees Clémenceau and Concorde through February 5th. I’ve long been inspired by the posters I see in the Paris metros – particularly for French cultural institutions – so it was such a treat to get a peek into who is behind many of these works, and some of my favorite products too. There is also a book commemorating the event (it’s 39€ but I’ve been pouring over all my new discoveries!). The expo is free and open to the public.

Don’t miss the Vine at the end of the post for a fun tour :)

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-9889“The station, where I said, I love you.” By French designer Alain Le Quernec.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-postersClockwise: Official poster for Fête du Graphisme, poster by Cyan (Germany), Louvre inspired print by Marta Granados (Colombia), and M/M (Paris).

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1299Jardins poster by Des Signes.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1301Poster by My Name is Wendy.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1318Posters by Brest, Brest, Brest.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1321Poster by Les Graphiquants.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1319Anyone who has been to Monoprix has seen the work of Cléo Charuet aka Cleoburo.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1327Nuit Blanche Metz poster by Frédéric Tacer.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1344Work of SA*M*AEL.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1354Posters by Dugudus.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1362Pierre Jeanneau caught my eye with his work for Théâtre du Belleville.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1364Posters by Studio B-C.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1383The work of Jean Jullien is always amusing. (Remember this expo I went to?) His instagram is also one of my favorites @jean_jullien.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1389Work of Leslie David.The souvenirs des Paris series was available at Colette.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1385Colorful designs of Atelier Muesli.


pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1390Work by Akatre.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1349pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1398Packaging design (2 images above) by Les Bons Faiseurs. They’re also behind many of the wine labels for Nicolas.

pretavoyager-fetedugraphisme-1431Colorful work of Brazilian illustrator Kiko Farkas.


Les Docks Cité de la Mode et du Design
34, quai d’Austerlitz
75013 Paris

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