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anneditmeyer.comA few weeks ago I spoke at Blogtacular in London. My talk was all about valuing yourself and making it as a blogger (aka not working for free). When I was putting together my talk I realized that much of my success, and the opening of many doors, has stemmed from my blog and overall online presence. I’ve never aspired to be a “pro-blogger” but I love having my blog as a creative outlet. When applying to jobs my best friend always would say “show, don’t tell,” and a blog can help you do just that; the reality is that more often than not people find me rather than vice versa these days. In having a blog, you’re not only proving that you have the skills to blog – and everything that goes with it – but you’re showcasing your knowledge about a particular topic, along with taste, and style at the same time. I still struggle to explain to people what exactly it is that I do, but I think the updates to my new portfolio site – – help highlight the range of projects I do and kind of client I’m drawn to. I can barely keep up with everything I’m working on these days, so I’m very excited that my new portfolio site is finally live.  (Note: it’s always linked on the top toolbar of my blog as well!)

p.s. In order to start saving money to pay next year’s speakers Blogtacular is selling tickets to their “virtual conference” where you can watch professional quality videos of my talk and the talks of all the speakers/panels. You can buy your ticket now, and they hope to have everything online by June.

p.s.s. I moved my portfolio site over to Squarespace — I highly recommend it for people who don’t want to have to deal with coding.

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