The Art of Travel Posters

There’s a really awesome feeling when you realize that so many things you’ve worked on the past come together to form another project. This week I kicked off my latest Skillshare class, The Art of Travel: Create Your Own Tourism Poster. For years I’ve been taking pictures of posters on the walls of the metro that inspire me. One of those posters for Morocco even inspired my thesis on tourism and new media in Morocco. After my Map Making class was such a hit on Skillshare, I wanted to do another travel-inspired class. I love that my classes become a community that welcomes both designers and non-designers who get creative in their own ways. In my new class we look at a brief history of travel posters as well as contemporary tourism campaigns to help inspire you to create a travel poster for the place of your choice. (My poster was inspired by my #pariscafechairs series on Instagram – I explain more about my thought process on my project board on Skillshare). The entire class is less than an hour broken down into easily digestible video lessons, which leaves lots of time for your own exploration!pretavoyager-Skillshare-ArtofTravel-title-600So here’s what you need to know about Skillshare. 1) I’m addicted and it’s my favorite online learning platform. I love not only the classes, but the teachers. They’re totally my style. They’re everyday professionals like myself to some of my design idols like Ellen Lupton and Debbie Millman. 2) All classes are project based so there’s incentive to work towards something and learn in the process. 3) Skillshare classes can be a great way to connect with others by sharing your work on an online project board, and commenting on the work of others. I’ve discovered some really cool designers that way! 4) There’s a new $9.95/mo membership model which allows you to take as many classes as you want (unlimited access). There’s even a free 15 day trial if you want to test it out. In other words, it’s completely affordable, and there’s no excuse not to learn something new.

I’ll be sharing some student work here on my blog once that class really gets rolling (you can also follow along with #ArtofTravelPoster on social media). In the meantime, I’m focusing on spreading the word. If know anyone who may interested, just share this link: (It was thanks to blog readers like you that my first class went viral!)

My other Skillshare classes are ongoing and I still give feedback to students who upload their work to the online classroom:

Holler if you have any questions. Don’t you just love learning!?!

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