Paris Small Shops : Herb Lester Map Guide

parissmallshops-pretavoyager-herblesterI’m so excited to announce my latest project: a Paris Small Shops map guide! Herb Lester makes the coolest maps, so it was such an honor when they reached out to me late last year to work on one for Paris. I wrote the guide, curating the the 40 shops, both new and old, while the amazing team of  Crispin Finn illustrated it (all of their work is red and blue, which is so cool!). The best part was that we all got to meet when I was in London in February, which truly felt like a match made in heaven. The crazy thing is this is the first Herb Lester map they’ve made where the entire team has met together in the same room, as they work with talented folks around the world (both the Herb Lester and Crispin Finn teams are British). I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! And while so much of Paris – and the world – sometimes feels the same to me these days, I’m thrilled to celebrate these places that are truly one of a kind. I hope they’ll stay in business forever :)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA perfect pocket-sized travel companion or souvenir, Paris Small Shops celebrates 40 of the best independent specialty shops in Paris! You can pick up your own copy on (only 4£!). They’re hot off of the presses, so they may not be in shops just yet. If you’d like to see it stocked in your local shop be sure to let them know!


Top image by me (on Instagram), others courtesy of Herb Lester.

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  • oh that is just the cutest thing Anne! I saw the London pubs book when I was there last week . . .

    Just ordered yours and the Edinburgh one as well. Can’t wait for them to arrive!!

  • I have a question about something that always bugs me when traveling solo in Paris (or anywhere in France). What do visitors do between the times of 6pm -8pm? Usually, shops & museums have closed for the day by then, and I’ll be some distance from my hotel room. I don’t want to waste Metro fare traveling back & then out again to eat. (I usually stay in less-expensive areas) I’m really not an early eater, but I’ll end up going to eat early, because everything else is dark. I’ve always wanted someone who lives there to answer this nagging question.

    • You can walk for hours in Paris and there is endless exploration. Or a glass of wine (or kir or beer) at a cafe. Parisian life is about learning to slow down.

    • The department stores are open till 8-9
      La Grand Epicerie can keep you pretty busy browsing
      Monop, Galeries Lafayette, Printempsare good too.
      The parks close by 8..600+ parks in Paris.

  • This is the cutest map! I saw this on the Herb Lester site recently, and I just adore it. I’m bringing my mom to Paris soon, so this would be a really fun resource for us!

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