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parispostersMy theme for 2015 is EXECUTE as a way to encourage myself to actually do all these projects I’ve talked about for years. A couple months ago on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to sit down and finally create a Tumblr ( as a way to showcase many of my favorite posters I’ve documented over the years. Putting something like this together is something I’d been pondering far too long.

Yes, I not only love public transportation for getting from place to place, but I’m constantly inspired by the posters around me, and love how everyone is exposed to art even if you never make it to the museum. I’ve long cited my first trip to Paris when I was in high school, and seeing that design could be smart from the posters on the halls of the metro, as one of the first hints that I wanted to become a designer. Now I not only photograph my favorites, but I’m the person that goes to the bottom right corner and also tries to document the name of the illustrator whenever possible. I’ve hashtagged all the posters by general theme, specific venue/event, and illustrator – it’s fun to see them adapt over time. Also, they tend to serve as a good reminder of places I want to go or shows I want to see.

In terms of hobbies it all feels a bit Amélie to me in the way that Nino used to collect footprints and laughs before starting his albums of discarded photobooth photos, but it brings me joy and a way to share my inspiration. I’m always adding more posters to the collection (which is more impressive on desktop than mobile, FYI). Click here to view the full collection!

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  • This is fantastic, Anne! I once got in a “fight” in my French class when I said I loved the advertising in the Metro — but this is exactly what I meant. And seeing only the super designed posters (without the Dia grocery store ads etc) just really highlights that aesthetic experience.

    And how cool that that was part of your inspiration to become a designer yourself!

    • I totally get it! … And I will say some of the advert posters have gone downhill overtime, but the cultural institutions reign supreme! I love that everyone gets a dose of culture on their commute even if you never see the original works! There is some brilliant typography too.

  • Wow! You are right that the collection is impressive on the desktop! We live in the US (Maryland), but just traveled to Paris last year and seeing these posters takes me right back! Throughout our trip, I repeatedly stopped my husband (or used my time waiting for the Metro) to take photographs of the beautiful/interesting adverts.

    One morning I got up very early and was lucky enough to catch a short video of a man starting to recover a very large advert in the Metro, which I just love.

    Great Tumblr that I will share and share! Thank you!

  • Loved it and the tumblr looked really good with all of them together!
    Funny, I have a similar word for the year COMPLETE but with the exact same meaning. So many ideas always floating in the head that need to be done!

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