Anish Kapoor at Versailles

pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-2Every summer the gardens of Versailles are transformed with art installations, and often a bit of controversy. This year six contemporary pieces by English artist Anish Kapoor‘s changed the landscape. The large scale works which have been up since June will be on display until November 1st.

I had a chance to visit earlier this fall when my friends Ashley and Cydney were in town. Ironically the threat of rain that day led to dramatic skies, and even more beautiful installations in a magical place.

pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-5Sky Mirror


pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-1Ashley, Cydney and I are reflected here! (Hint: my phone is bright pink.)

pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-7Sectional Body preparing for Monadic Singularity

pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-6pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-8Dirty Corner covered in vandalism. The piece was controversial from the beginning as it disrupted the sight line down the gardens. After the graffiti, initially it was a conscious decision not to remove it (although it was condoned), but the controversy was heightening and has been since painted over.

Descension: press play!

pretavoyager-anishkapoor-versailles-11Map. Presentation of exhibition. The exhibition. Biography of the artist.

Versailles is easily accessible from Paris on the RER C (Versailles – Rive Gauche) and the L train from Saint Lazare. The main gardens of Versailles are free on week days.

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