The Year of…

theyearof-In case it wasn’t obvious, in 2015 I wasn’t very present on my blog. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing anything. Au contraire. To be honest, I started my blog in 2007, and it’s not that I don’t love it and the opportunities it has led to, but the fact that there are just not enough hours in the day to pursue everything I want (while still staying sane).

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, every year I give myself a theme. For 2015 my theme was EXECUTE. I’m guilty of coming up with endless ideas, but actually doing something with them is another battle. 2015 was about revisiting things I’ve been wanting to do, and talking about, for a long time, but I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing. I’ve always loved Scott Belsky’s concept of “revisiting the archives” in his book Making Ideas Happen. So that’s exactly what I did as I made my game plan.

My list included creating my Paris Poster Tumblr of photos I’ve been taking for years around the city that provide me endless inspiration, launching my Herb Lester Paris Small Shops map, giving some TLC to my existing Skillshare classes with annotated video notes, getting over my fear of website metrics/analytics, taking a writing workshop, joining a creative business group, moving forward on Studio/Practice (even though it’s still mainly behind the scenes), visiting all the public swimming pools in Paris, and collaborating on another print project (hopefully I’ll be announcing soon). Really, it was about taking small steps to keep moving me forward to where I want to be.

Check out my latest piece on Medium to find out my theme for 2016, and what’s in store for the year ahead!

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