French lessons: une palme

Just because you’ve been living somewhere for nearly 10 years doesn’t mean you still don’t make mistakes with language. Last weekend I went to an “aqua palmes” class at the gym. I was really excited to work my arms. But then I got there and I was like, ohhh, une palme = fin/flipper. Ha! I did get a great leg workout at least, and impressed the rest of the class with my American-style swimming skills (ahem, speed 😉). I was freshly back from Florida where I was surrounded by palm trees. 🌴 Une palme can also refer to a palm leaf in French. And while we’re at it, palme can also refer to an award or prize—a popular one in cinema is Palme d’Or. 🏆

I’m not sure this French lesson will come up in daily life, but I challenge you to try to work it into a conversation soon. 😜

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