Hack the Moon

Hack the Moon was built around the idea that “with a fraction of today’s technology engineers found a way to guide us to the moon & back. Here’s how they did it.” It was a project created by Draper Lab to help commemorate the 50th anniversary of the landing of the moon.

Sure, going to the moon is its own kind of travel, but my interest really stems from the fact it was something my grandfather was deeply involved on. Just last night I was reading a book from 1963 where I learned that he had volunteered himself to go on the mission! Really though his contribution was around the guidance systems to get there—and back. Draper Lab who is behind Hack the Moon also happens to be named after him…

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you’ve seen some clues that I’m into the moon, and I’ve started to fall down the rabbit hole of learning more about my grandfather. There’s a lot written about his technical accomplishments, but I’m really enjoying the human side. Turns out he was an incredible educator too.

You can see a couple other discoveries I’ve had about him on Instagram (here + here). And read more about him on Hack the Moon (here + here).

I’m sure I’ll write more at some point, but for now I’m having a lot of fun discovering him. I’m finding it a nice way to connect with my mom too. ❤️ 🌚

Have fun exploring the moon! P.S. They have a @wehackthemoon Instagram account too which unfolds stories of getting to the moon.

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