Urban Antacara: a journey of self-discovery

TL;DR I’m co-facilitating a 1-day urban experience and journey of self-discovery for moms in Paris along side Antacara founder Jillian Reilly on October 8th. It’s going to be AWESOME. Get the full scoop here!

Here’s the longer version:

This past spring I headed down south to Antacara Avignon, an experience short of magical and transformative. (Antacara means “frontier” in Sanskrit, by the way.) What was most amazing to me was to see the change in others too.

The goal of this experience was not to change people (that’s never a good approach), but through the experience one has their own self-discovery. I saw a corporate burnout have life again, and a mom with her own previous life of professional success see her own potential (she even said this experience was more powerful than any therapy, and she’d tried it all).

What if the biggest change in our lives didn’t have to be epic or earth shattering? What if it were easy? As easy as taking a walk, changing your routine, and embracing the explorer’s mindset.

That brings us back to today, and the newest Antacara offer: Urban Antacara in Paris. Urban Antacara is a 1-day urban experience where participants are invited to make the city their playground of self-discovery. It’s all about disconnecting, and reconnecting with your life, and with others.

The first offer is aimed at moms. As a mom herself Jillian has seen the way being a mom is all consuming, but not all who you are. Urban Antacara is designed as an experience to rediscover yourself.

If you’re looking for a set itinerary and a fixed agenda, this is not what we’re offering. You’re constantly planning and scheduling everyone else’s lives, so put the trust in the facilitators (Jillian and myself) and sit back and enjoy the ride for once. Part of the experience is about giving up some control and going with it. Instead of being mom-in-chief, you get to put your explorer’s hat on and have some fun. You deserve it. Seriously. You really do.

What I can tell you is that the day will start with a coffee and chat in a cute bistro in the 16th. From there we’ll venture to new lands where most of our exploration will take place. Some will be solo, some will be with others. The idea is not only to re-connect with yourself, but also with others. We hope that you’ll leave with new friends too.

The day includes a coffee and cocktail, along with your own explorer’s toolkit. While the day can’t attempt to do everything in 4-day experience, we want to equip you with the tools to keep embracing the explorer’s mindset moving forward. We want this experience to be something that sticks with you and serves you moving forward. Instead of walking away with a tote bag or t-shirt, you’ll be leaving with a renewed mindset.

The real question is when was the last time you did something for you and invested in yourself? Self-care is so often associated with going to the spa or having drinks with girlfriends, but what if there was another way? What if it was more than a temporary escape?

We know you’re deserving, but now it’s up to you to ask yourself if you are brave enough to set a day for yourself and try something different.

When, you ask? Tuesday, October 8th.

Our 1-day offer is being launched at 275€ for the day. We think it’s a steal. It’s cheaper than my 3-hour tour. This is only the introductory offer, so we can’t guarantee it will be this good a deal moving forward.

You can find the full listing here.

We hope you’ll join us! We’ll be there with bells on.

If you have questions, please reach out! We’re happy to answer any questions. Find me at hello@anneditmeyer.com, and Jillian’s email can be found on the the official listing.

By the way, if you’re not a mom and you’re interested in this experience, please write us. We’d love to talk. We’re hoping this is just the beginning. We’d love to take it to other audiences (even entrepreneurs!) and different cities.

For more on my coaching experience and offers, visit anneditmeyer.com.

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