Enter the New Year with Intention: Mapping Your Path into 2021 (3 month workshop)

What would life look like if you started to visualize it in maps? Not as straight forward and linear as one would expect is my guess. I love maps because they give us the mindset of an explorer. We can see both where we are going, and where we have been. It’s time to zoom out and get the big picture of life, reflect and put things in perspective.

That’s also why I created Mapping Your Path into 2021, my new 3-month online workshop to help you explore intentionally while setting yourself up for success—whatever that means to you—in the New Year.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life we rarely make time for ourselves. We keep moving forward as if it’s the path we’re supposed to be on without ever questioning what where doing, why we’re doing it, or when we’re doing it. We may be exactly where we’re meant to be, but we also may need to reset our course.

This 3-month workshop is about exploration and creativity, with full permission to slow down and detour as needed. It’s about intentionally slowing down to take stock of where you’re at, and where you want to be. It’s about preparing yourself for the New Year now rather than coming up with a half-baked resolution when the clock strikes midnight and we ring in Jan 1.

During our time together you’ll be building your own tool kit to help guide you into 2021, and beyond. We’ll be doing it step by step while learning from and being inspired by each other. This workshop is not about creating more for you to do, but giving you a creative outlet to minimize overwhelm, all while being intentional. After all, change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s about building muscles, and resources, over time.

This will all happen through live workshops (which will be recorded if you can’t join live, or if you want to re-watch them) and office hours/co-working calls (bring any questions or plan to come together to work on your own explorations). We’ll have mini group calls with 5 community members to chat about whatever you’re working on, and you’re welcome to share or ask for feedback and support. On top of it, we’ll have our own online community (on Slack) to connect with each other, share progress, and celebrate small wins.

We’ll meet bi-weekly until we wrap on January 14th, giving you plenty of time to digest each workshop and continue to dig deeper. We’ll also take a pause around the holidays.

For more information + sign up today visit the full offer! Doors close on October 16th when Mapping Your Path into 2021 sets sail. Come be part of the adventure!!!


P.S. Interested in Write Your Own Rules? Sign up for the workshop waitlist to be notified when the next date is announced.

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