Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction (starts Feb 5!)

How would it feel to actively be creating your big goals and the life you want? How would it feel to actually be taking strides not just sitting, thinking about them? Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction is designed so you can go from feeling out of control, lacking clarity, feeling overwhelmed, and not knowing where to start, to taking steps, breaking through limiting beliefs, taking (imperfection) action, gaining momentum, and having a clear vision for what you want out of life, be it personal or professional—or even both.

WHAT IF you embraced doing things YOUR way? To get on on the path YOU really want to be on. What if you finally carved out the time for yourself? 

This is not about doing things the way we think we’re “supposed to” and thinking in traditional ways, and it’s not like any other workshop you’ve experienced before. Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction is about shaking things up, exploring, and having fun while you’re at it, all while being part of something more and in community so that you can start to make real progress, as defined by you. It all starts February 5th.

MYP is about setting yourself up for success for the path you really want to be on deep down. You know there is “more” waiting for you.

Take off the pressure. Remove the overwhelm. Give yourself permission to reflect. Allow yourself to explore, flourish, and thrive. All while moving forward. No one said progress had to be perfection. 

The world has been A LOT lately. It’s almost as if the universe wanted us to hit a collective reset and ask:

  • What are our priorities?
  • How do we want to be spending our time?
  • Who do we want to be spending our time with?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • What if we tried something new—or differently—despite these new constraints?

At the same time the world moves so fast that we have to be intentional to MAKE the time to reflect on these questions. While these questions should always be questions we’re asking ourselves, now they more relevant than ever before.

Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction is a 3-month workshop and community that follows you through your journey. It’s about taking stock of where you are now, and where you want to be. We’ll do this through mapping, storytelling, and creative exercises that will get you out of your head and living your deepest desires, all while seeing what really is possible. 

You’ll be in a tight cohort of amazing humans around the world working to take the steps on the path YOU each want to be on, even if it means changing course, pausing, or allowing for detours.
Mapping Your Path will give you permission to:

  • explore alternatives
  • slow down and reflect
  • take the pressure off to do it all
  • develop habits to support your endeavors
  • celebrate your wins
  • find inspiration in unlikely places
  • connect with others who can relate to the journey less traveled

By the end of our 3 months together you’ll have:

  • A renewed sense of direction
  • A renewed sense of clarity and focus
  • A renewed sense of calm and inner peace
  • A renewed sense of self and the journey you’re on
  • A renewed sense of energy to carry into your life and work
  • A renewed sense of creativity
  • A realization that you’re in it for the long game and not instant gratification
  • A realization that more isn’t necessarily better
  • A realization that sometimes slowing down is how you go further, faster
  • A feeling of inspiration, fulfilment, and new confidence to carry forward
  • Reminders to find joy and have fun
  • Permission to explore, experiment, and try new things
  • Permission to be yourself
  • A community of amazing cheerleaders and accountability partners

You may already be clear on the destination, or you may be looking for more clarity. Either way, the journey is the destination, and together we’ll walk through creative exercises to build our own toolkit to help carry us through whatever the future holds.

It all happens through the magic of live workshops (which will be recorded and you can watch later if you can’t join live), office hours, mini group calls, and a private community (on Slack). The pace allows time for reflection, digestion, and percolation.
** FIRST LIVE WORKSHOP meets Friday, Feb 5th at 5pm CET /11am EST / 8am PST / 8pm Dubai. **

It’s up to you how much time you want to commit, but know there is a guide and a community there for you when you need it.

The goal is to remove overwhelm, NOT add one more thing to your to do list. Also, this is going to be FUN!!!

You’ll have your very own cheerleaders built in as we work through exercises centered around mapping and storytelling, write your own playbook for life, and unlock your own super powers as we examine mindset and the beliefs that can get in our way to help propel you forward.

You’ll be given all the tools and support you need to make magic happen, and time during the live workshops to work on the exercises, helping to remove pressure from those growing to do lists. This workshop isn’t like anything you’ve experienced before, it will be FUN!

First, you need to show up for yourself…. SIGN UP TODAY! Space is limited.

Visit the full Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction listing for more details, or jump straight to check out. You can pay in full, or a 3-month payment plan. Space is limited.

I’d be HONORED to have you on this journey! Oh perhaps forwarding this to a friend may just change their life…

Questions? On the fence? Want to know if it’s a good fit? Shoot me a message at hello (at) anneditmeyer (dot) com or shoot me a DM on social media (@pretavoyager) and I’m happy to help! Just don’t delay because time is running out to join!

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