New Year, New Map. 2021: The Year of Audacity

Holiday traditions can take all sorts of forms and styles. For me, it’s making a map to help guide me into the New Year. 2020 my map was all about exploration. For 2021, it’s all about audacity. On my Biz Blog I broke down what my word for the year means for me (where you can also view the map full size).

This year’s key locations in AudaCITY include the Moon, the Path of Possibility, the Island of Incremental Change, the Tower of Systems, the Grotto of Gratitude, Question Camp, Curiosity Camp, Creativity Camp, the Limitless Library, the Museum of Momentum, the Fort of Fun, the Do Nothing Dome, the Love Hut, the Path of Potential, Neuroscience Forest, the Garden of Growth, and the Pool of Endless Ideas (deep diving only, thinking caps required). To tie it all together the viewer is granted permission to do things your way.

It’s always a fun exercise to see what comes out of my head when I sit down to draw my map. I know my theme going into it, but otherwise I don’t plan anything out. I just let it flow. Then when it’s done I have it printed (I went for pink ink with a Riso printer this year because it felt more… audacious) and send it to 100 people who have impacted my year with notes of gratitude.

As a fun twist to the year, I was also featured in the Feb 2020 issue of Psychologies Magazine [UK] where I got to share how I use mapping as a tool to guide my year (my alternative to New Year’s resolutions). You can find the full article online or linked from my Biz Blog. It was such a huge honor to be featured.

Speaking of maps, I also just opened my 3-month workshop Mapping Your Path: Finding Direction for enrollment! Get ready for 3 months of creative mapping, new connections, and a global community of inspiration. It all starts February 5th. Spaces are limited in order to keep the community connected—it’s where the magic happens! ✨ SIGN UP TODAY!

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