Guiding Principles for Work and Life. Write Your Own Rules!

WHAT IF 2-hours could change your life?!?! Join me for an interactive workshop to write your own rulebook of guiding principles for work and life.

School teaches us one thing. Society is full of its own expectations. Parents pressure us their own way. Friends another. When do we stop to listen to ourselves and what we really want?

In this two-hour WRITE YOUR OWN RULES workshop we’ll explore creating your own guiding principles to propel you forward being sure to relate them to your own story, interests, and vision for your future. You’ll be presented with engaging, interactive exercises pulling from design thinking, UX, and creativity coaching to get you reflecting and thinking with fresh eyes, guided by creative coach and consultant Anne Ditmeyer (me! aka @pretavoyager).

Expect to meet new people (yes, even in an online format), learn something new, have some fun, and leave with your own “rulebook” of guiding principles— your own personal zine that will serve you in life and work.

** Bring yourself, 3 sheets of plain printer paper + a pen or markers **

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You’re frustrated with the status quo.
  • Are considering a life change.
  • Want to push yourself further at your current job.
  • You’re looking for a fresh perspective.
  • You want something more enriching than scrolling your phone for 2 hours.

There are TWO upcoming workshop dates to help reach a wide range of participants around the world:


Past participants have said:

“That was mindblowingly awesome! We covered so much in two hours in a way that became this incredible deep dive, and at the end you leave with something tangible. During the workshop I had huge ‘ah ha!’ moments in a connected way to the work I’m doing now.”

“Anne’s workshops are truly a breath of fresh air. Her thoughtful event scaffolding paired with her creative, warm, and joyful persona make her an incredibly special facilitator. I left feeling delightful, refreshed, and full of wonder. She’s a gem of a host!”

“Write Your Own Rules workshop is creative, out of the box, stimulating and a great way to understand/find what’s truly important for you next ! You also get to know new faces!”

“Your workshop came along at the perfect time. I’ve been making slow progress launching my passion project — a small publishing company. I used the workshop to write the Rules for my company. This will help choose projects, tell the story internally and some marketing content, too! And (hopefully!) grow the business. I am usually more of a list maker than a free-flowing-creative type. But I love it when I am coached/coaxed into a more visual kind of organizing. The worksheets and zine were a great mental stretch. Now I’ve got to put the markers away so I don’t keep adding to my new Rule Book! (Time to start using it for business!)”

“A stimulating 2 hours workshop, empowering you with a will to fight lingering frustration, and better adjust to your inner desires. The international participants are a source of inspiration and your invisible supporter!”

“I have a million thoughts swirling in my head at any given time, but this workshop allowed me to center myself, find themes, and lay down my own brickwork for a structured way of thinking about my life, actions, and goals.

By putting pen to paper, you can concretize your guiding principles and be an active participant in your own narrative. Anne herself is creative, vulnerable, open, and enthusiastic for you to find your own path; she’s a great, empowering workshop leader.”

“Still feeling the positive glow after your workshop! Anne was super organized and skillfully maneuvered us through the 2 hours with a delightful ending. Anne creatively gets you to think out of the box to find solutions to problems. And she does it in a funny, quirky way with a literally punchy surprise at the end to get your ass up and moving!”

“Going into Write Your Own Rules I wanted clarity and hoped the workshop to be a springboard, and I felt that it brought me that. There was a shift. Now that I have my rules, I realized I should go for what I want. It was just the springboard I needed!”

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE! This workshop is perfect for both personal and professional development, or maybe you just want to try something different for 2 hours of your life. Everyone is welcome!


Participants will receive an email the day before the workshop with Zoom access, as well as a mini “assignment” to get you in the mindset for rule writing.


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