Make A Map (re-entry edition) FieldTrip!

I’m excited to announce that my CreativeMornings Make a Map! FieldTrip is BACK! This time with a new twist. In the “re-entry edition” our maps will be an opportunity for reflect on our personal journeys through pandemic times using creative maps. It will still prioritize fun, and give us a chance to remind ourselves what we want to carry forward.

My FieldTrips are where I first got people all over the world MAPPING ON BANANAS! (It’s seriously the best!) Don’t worry, there will be more of that. So please bring a banana (or anything untraditional to map on—I’ve now seen clementine maps, lemon maps, leek maps, onion maps, sweet potato maps, papaya maps, toilet paper roll maps, and more!).

The FieldTrip will take place on Wednesday, April 21st at 9am EST (NYC) / 3pm CET (Paris). It’ll be one hour of mapping fun!

Sign up here and don’t forget your BANANAS!!!! (It’s totally FREEEEEEE!)

Check out the hashtag #MakeAMapFieldTrip on social media to see some of the fun we’ve cooked up in past workshops :)

To find out more about my workshops click here (heads up, I’ll be announcing a new accountability group very soon as part of my 3-month Mapping Your Path series!). I’m also available to bring workshops to your teams

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