MYP Accountability Booster Group (Starts May 3!)

The past year has had me exploring all sorts of places I never thought I’d get to go. Thanks to the internet I’ve been able to create something special through my Mapping Your Path communities which attract wonderful, kind-hearted humans around the world. For the spring/summer edition I’ll be running it as a 3-month Accountability Booster Group.

Rather than distracting people with more workshops and another thing to learn, it’s a safe space to FINALLY make progress on that thing you’ve been wanting to do, whether it’s launching a new website, writing a book, working on a new practice and habits, or anything in between. We’re really good at making excuses and prioritizing the wrong things, so this is a sacred space, time and commitment to do the thing(s) that you really want to be doing towards deep down.

I’ll be your guide throughout the journey, from the workshop-style Kick-Off call (which will be recorded for anyone who can’t join live), to facilitating the Slack community (it’s so supportive and we get to celebrate our wins, you can also promote anything you’re working on, or get direct feedback from me—I’m an active participant too; I’m happy to provide prompts and exercises as needed), running bi-weekly co-working calls (where you carve out the time to work on what you really want to be doing), and hosting mini group calls (magical encounters with me+ ~5 other community members—these may sound intimidating, but they’re a highlight for so many past MYP participants).

It all starts May 3rd! The live Kick-Off call is Thursday, May 6th (which will be recorded for anyone who can’t join live).

Learn more + sign up!

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