Are you ready to MAP YOUR PATH into 2022—and beyond?!

3-month online workshop + guided community
Oct 2021–Jan 2022

WHAT IF the New Year was not about resolutions, but an opportunity to catch your breath and get grounded? Together we’ll work on mapping our own paths forward into the New Year—and beyond! All while having some fun along the way, and in the company of others.

Where do you want to be?
How do you want to feel?


The last 18 months have been A LOT. It’s almost as if the universe wanted us to hit a collective reset and ask:

  • What are our priorities?
  • How do we want to be spending our time?
  • Who do we want to be spending our time with?
  • Where do we want to be?

What if you didn’t need one more thing to do/learn/master to get closer to where you want to be? What if you just needed the company of others—the right people—and support along the way? Perhaps permission to get lost and explore would be good too.

This is not another thing to add to an already busy calendar or about learning another thing. It’s about trusting yourself and that you know what you want (or perhaps just need permission to experiment), and showing up in the best way you can right now. You never know what you may unlock in the process…

Mapping Your Path is permission to:

Are you ready to TAKE ACTION and (finally) MAKE TIME for yourself?

Mapping Your Path is not like other workshops or experiences. It’s designed with flexibility and different learning styles in mind. It’s also designed in a way that recognizes that people have busy lives and other things to do. You can show up however you can and still get a ton out of the experience.

Whether you join workshops live, or watch the replays on your own time there’s no one way to experience MYP. You can connect with the community on your own time (and NO, you do not have to keep up with everything, read every message and respond—but you can always ask questions, ponder, share, …).

When you open yourself up to the experience you’ll leave energized, inspired, and ready to handle whatever life throws your way. You never know what you may learn in the process.


Participants in all sorts of fields and industries, both full-time and self-employed have joined MYP. There’s no one size fits all, but some of these may resonate:

  • You’re globally minded with a vision for a better world with social justice, representation, and more compassion.
  • You know too deeply what overwhelm and burnout feels like from giving everything to work and/or family and know in order for anything to change you need to be intentional about making time for yourself.
  • You’re in a transition phase of life (between jobs, career change, nearing empty nester, or retirement) and you want to have support and guidance as you navigate your path.
  • You’re in need of permission—and support—to try something new or different, to “follow the itch” of what is calling you but seems scary.
  • You’re looking for inspiration without a huge commitment. (Big things are possible out of Mapping Your Path even if you show up imperfectly. Every little bit counts, and there’s no need to put extra pressure on yourself.)
  • What you’re currently doing isn’t working and you need a different way to show up for yourself.
  • You’ve had a creative project or business idea you’ve been thinking about forever but you haven’t gotten around to.
  • You’re in a good place, and you want to keep the momentum going, but also know that outside support from others who “get it” is what you need right now.
  • You’re ready for a reset and a jumpstart into the New Year. You’re ready for action!







  • Monthly workshops with creative exercises
    Workshops are presented live on Zoom, and the recording will be shared if you can’t join live or wish to rewatch it at a later date. Each month we’ll explore mapping-inspired exercises as well as journal prompts. You’ll be given time during the workshops to work on the exercises to help ease your workload of adding one more thing to your plate. Workshops will bring the creative juices out in anyone, and most importantly are FUN!
  • Monthly reflection sessions
    Two weeks after the live workshop we’ll have a reflection session that builds on the exercises explored during that month’s workshop, along with one new exercise. This is an intentional time to reflect on the work we’re doing and the paths we’re on.
  • Monthly connection calls
    Once a month there will also be an opportunity to hop on “connection calls” which are typically the 3rd week of the month. These mini-group calls of 5 to 6 community members + Anne are informal conversations where everyone is invited to talk through any exercises, ask for feedback, or look for support on anything they’re working on. Sign up for one that fits your schedule.
  • Community
    For connection between sessions, we’ll also have a private Slack community for weekly check-ins, resource sharing, working through exercises, and providing support for anything you’re thinking about. There is no pressure to be connected all the time, but for many people, their biggest growth happens here with the support of the INCREDIBLE community of humans that MYP attracts.
  • Direct support and feedback from Anne in the Slack community hub. (This is super rare in most programs).

You’ll walk away from the three months with your own toolkit of resources to refer back to any time you’re feeling lost. You never know what amazing-ness you may discover in the process too! Magic has been known to happen… You’ll also leave feeling empowered and with a mindset where you can handle anything that comes your way.



Hi! I’m Anne.

You may also know me as Prêt à Voyager (translation: ready to travel), my blog—and social media handle—where I explore the intersection of travel and design. I use my background in design in my work as a creative coach and workshop facilitator to help people explore the world in creative ways.

Mapping Your Path into 2022 was inspired by so many experiences in my own life, but also what I wish there was more of in the world. It truly is a special place to not only connect with yourself, but with others as well. It’s time to get out of our heads, and out of our own ways—to get on the path we truly want to be on.

The community opens Oct 1 (a week from TODAY!) and the first workshop is Oct 8th. {Click HERE to learn more and HERE to jump ahead and sign up now!}

I’d LOVE and be honored if you joined me on this journey. Act fast, before it’s gone! There’s no more time to put things off or tell yourself “next time.” Maybe NOW really is the time. And this is just what you’ve been waiting for.

Enough of the over-thinking. More of taking action! This is your future. You’re in the driver’s seat!



Questions? Email me at hello[at] or send me a DM on Instagram! I promise I won’t bite. (I like to think I’m quite nice). You can also trust I’ll give you an honest response if you’re trying to decide if this is the right fit for you. I also recommend you check out the testimonials on the full offer page

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