Map of 2022 – The Magic within YOU

Every year one of the things I look forward to is drawing my map for the year ahead. It all happens in one sitting, and usually takes a couple hours as a café. I don’t have a grand plan when I sit down to draw it. I see what comes to me.

The past two years my map has been born out of the work we do in Mapping Your Path, the 3-month workshop + guided community I run. I’m an active participant as we go through workshops, uncovering things about my own journey.

Typically my map integrates things I’ve learned from the previous year (or years), and I integrate my guiding force (word or theme) for the year ahead. Every year feels like a different season, chapter, or cycle, so each year carries a different spirit.

2022 is my year of “the magic within you.” You can find out what that means to me—and see the map full size—on my Biz Blog post.

P.S. The next cohort of Mapping Your Path starts soon!!! Stay tuned on Wednesday when I announce the latest 3-month MYP workshop + guided community. I’ll be sending an early bird discount that will only be available a few days, so if you’ve been itching to join this week is the week to sign up! (If you want to pay full price that’s cool too—ha!) It all officially kicks off on February 4th. Sign up on the workshops page of to be alerted when it opens, and subscribe to my weekly Connect the Dots newsletter if you haven’t already.

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