Mapping Your Path: the way forward (now open!)

The new Mapping Your Path: the way forward cohort is open for enrollment! Join the 3-month workshop + guided community which kicks off February 4th and runs through April.

Get creative. Get connected. Have FUN!
You are HERE. Where do you want to be?

So what is it? It’s a world where questions are valued more than answers. It’s a place where detours are encouraged, and you don’t always have to know where you’re going, as long as you enjoy the ride. It’s not about doing more or playing by old rules. Mapping Your Path is where exploration, creativity, community, and connection collide, and where you get to show up unabashedly as yourself. This is YOUR journey. This is the way forward.

On a practical level, Mapping Your Path is a 3-month incubator and creative hub for the next chapter of your life. Every month there’s a Workshop with exercises to get you digging deep (in a fun, insightful way). Two weeks later there’s a Reflection Session where we get to build on those ideas and take them one step further. You also have the opportunity to join a Connection Call with me and ~5 other community members (these are always a highlight for participants and described as magical!).

Along the way, there’s also a truly incredible community (on Slack) where you can come to be inspired, ask questions, share resources, and connect with these truly WONDERFUL humans around the world. Think of this as a cool café where you can pop by at your convenience, and stay as long or as short as you want. There’s no pressure to follow every conversation. It’s all here to support you wherever you are now.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Exploratory maps
  • New exercises to help your inner compass stay on track
  • Your own playbook to refer to when things go off course
  • A fresh, empowered mindset!
  • Added accountability, new friends + support system :)

It all starts Friday, February 4th!

As a thank you for being such an awesome blog reader, I’m offering a 100€ early bird discount. Use the code MAPONABANANA at check out to take advantage. The discount is valid until midnight EST on Sunday, Jan 23rd.

Click here to learn more about Mapping Your Path: the way forward. (Or jump straight to the checkout page to sign up.)

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