Come make maps! Mapping Your Path Tuscany

I’ve teamed up with Ashley Bearden of Travel Parallel for a brand new experience: Mapping Your Path Tuscany! Fun fact: I met Ashley because she joined a MYP cohort. Then some magic happened for us both! ✨ It could happen for you too!

Ashley is a talented filmmaker with a production background (she’s worked with Anthony Bourdain, on Reading Rainbow, and started a collective for youth activists). In this new chapter she’s applying all those skills she picked up on the job to something she believes in and wants more of in life: meaningful travel. I’m beyond excited to be teaming up with her for this experience.


June 27 – July 2, 2022

Mapping Your Path is a week-long retreat where exploration, creativity, community, and connection collide, and where you get to show up unabashedly as yourself.

Are you ready for the next chapter? Do you ever feel like you’re stuck on auto-pilot? Encountering the same roadblocks/excuses over and over? Running in circles? Uphill? Doing all the things the gurus told you, and it doesn’t feel true to you? Playing by a set of rules that leave you exhausted and depleted?

WHAT IF there was another way from what society told us, from what school taught us, from what family modeled, and what we’ve told ourselves?

WHAT IF we could do the things we really want deep down?

WHAT IF the journey didn’t have to be hard and heavy?

WHAT IF it could feel fun, energizing, engaging, and inspiring?

WHAT IF you could step away from what you know and do it in Tuscany?

Welcome to Mapping Your Path, a devoted time to focus on YOU for a whole week. It’s time to be intentional, take (aligned) action, and do things differently. Show up for yourself, with the support, encouragement, and company of an incredible community of humans. You don’t have to do this alone, you’ll be guided every step of the way.

All levels and places in life are welcome.

Each morning the creator of Mapping Your Path, Anne Ditmeyer, will lead us in a  session where we’ll be exploring creative mapping exercises as part of our journey to map our paths forward. We’ll explore mindset, our strengths, what brings us joy and energy, and more to focus on our paths forward that light us up—all through the help of pen, paper, and mapping!

Along the way, it will be a lot of FUN and you’ll uncover your superpowers and learn to embrace the secret sauce within you. No artistic skills are required. This is about learning to see the world through a different lens. No two paths are the same. There’s no one-map-fits-all. Maps help show us where we are, and where we want to go. You get to be the one who maps your path forward.

Afternoons are loosely structured sessions both at the villa and in the surrounding villages, allowing us to dig deeper into the work we did in the morning and use Tuscany as a lens for exploration.  There will be also plenty of time to spend at the villa relaxing, wandering through the vineyards and reading or journaling by the pool.

Each evening we will come together again and check-in either through an informal group session or yoga – or maybe both! Dinner reservations will be made for the group in neighboring towns, you can choose to eat with the group or set out on your own – dinners (except for the first and last night) are at your discretion and not covered by the cost of the retreat, allowing you flexibility. There is a full kitchen at the Villa you can also choose to prepare meals in!

Spots on this trip are going to go quickly (only 7 available!). Check out Travel Parallel today for many more details and come join us in Tuscany!!

Photo credits: Ashley Bearden and Katie Mitchell Photography.

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