A trip to a snail farm + the season of slow

Travel has always been about unique experiences for me. Little did I know that my recent trip to Ardèche in the south of France would involve a trip to a snail farm!

Have you ever considered what a snail farm would look like?

Well, now you know! It looks like the picture on the left. The snails like to hang out on the inside of the diagonal planks to stay cool. As you can see (right), they like to huddle. There’s moisture and plants under there too.

Now guess how many snails are grown on this farm?

360,000!!! Yowza. These babies are ~1.5 mo.

I was sad to not be there for the annual snail races—now that sounds thrilling! But I love the idea of a race of the slow.

I didn’t know that I’d be visiting a snail farm when I was on the train to the south of France to visit my friend Judith. But on my train ride, I had drafted a new blog post on “The Season of Slow” for my Biz Blog. I’ve come to realize just how much magic there is in slowing down, so I love that the snail became symbolic of my trip.

Fun fact. After I posted my snail doodle for my blog post, Judith informed me that I drew the snail shell in the very rare direction—99% of snails have clockwise spirals. I love that unknowingly I managed to draw a magic snail! ✨ Read the blog post here.

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