Choose Love (a great last minute gift)

On a recent trip to London I got to pay a visit to the Choose Love pop-up store supporting refugees. Choose Love works with 200 different organizations in over 25 countries around the world. All the proceeds go directly to those who need it most.

Everything for sale at their pop-up is a representation of what will be gifted to organizations working directly with those in need. You can shop by what’s “most needed” (as defined by the organizations), or buy something that relates to the person you want to gift it for. They also have bundles with multiple things, and there’s even an option to gift one of everything in the store. 💗

You can shop according to things that resonate with you, the person you want to gift to, or you can shop by what is “most needed” (as defined by the organizations). They also offer bundles of multiple different offers, and there’s even the option to buy one of everything in the store.

I absolutely loved this way of shopping, and am excited to offer it to my relatives. I walked out “empty handed” but made 9 purchases, including a “bundle of love” for various family members (which I noted for myself on the shopping list as I made my way through the store.) They also have cards in the store which you can offer to the recipient.

As an added win, the day I went there was an anonymous donor who was matching everything purchased that day.

This year Choose Love hosted pop-up shops in London and New York leading up to the holidays, but you can shop online year-round. It’s a wonderful way to pay it forward. And it’s not too late if you need last-minute gifts!

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