Vision Board Workshop

The first time I heard mention of vision boards, I rolled my eyes. I was not only highly skeptical, I was judging something before I even gave it a try.

I had convinced myself that it’d never work. The life I was drawn to was not what was rendered in magazines. I made excuses and avoided even thinking about considering it despite the fact that I saw people who I looked up to singing their praises.

Then one year, my Mastermind group decided to make vision boards together as a group activity. I agreed, albeit reluctantly Since that fateful day, I’ve never turned back. I’m a vision board convert.

I saw how the stories I had in my head weren’t supporting me. I was able to get creative and creative something I was excited about, and proud of. Now I look forward to creating one every year! This workshop is designed to get you thinking about vision boards differently too!

Not only can I make sense of my vision boards by the end of the year, but they also provide another tool and anchor to ground me throughout the ups and downs of a year.

Click here to learn about my new 2-hour Vision Board Workshop! (The workshop which took place live on Jan 7th is now available for purchase—don’t worry, you’ll feel like you’re there live with us!)

P.S. My popular Write Your Own Rules Workshop is now available as an instant access self-paced workshop. Sign up and you’ll get lifetime access!

P.S.S. The next 3-mo cohort of Mapping Your Path workshop + community kicks off in February. Enrollment opens in mid-January.

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