Map on a Banana! (Jan 5)

Come play with me! Join me for my (free!!) MAKE A MAP! FIELD TRIP with Creative Mornings on Thursday, Jan 5th.

Get out of your head and map on a banana! And a napkin! And paper! We’ll make 3 maps in one hour. Fun and inspiration guaranteed. Who knows where your maps may take you… ✨

It’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana) but sweet potatoes, squash, lemons, clementines, or anything from the recycling bin is fair game. However, I will tell you that bananas not only have the best texture for mapping, they’re also magic….🍌✨ (You can read a brief history of banana maps here.)

If you can’t join live you’ll get limited-time access to the replay. Either way, you have to sign up!

Get ready! The next 3-mo cohort of Mapping Your Path workshop + community opens for enrollment in mid-January, and kicks off the first week in February!

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