Mapping Your Path: Let’s PLAY! (June-Aug)

Anything is possible.

Are you ready to BELIEVE in yourself?
Let’s PLAY!

Mapping Your Path: Let’s PLAY!

June–Aug 2023
MYP: Let’s PLAY is the structure and accountability you need to move the needle forward on the thing that keeps getting pushed aside and sidetracked by life. The bonus is that it’s all about bringing play, imagination, and being open to creative surprises. It’s through the spirit of fun that shortcuts and unexpected pathways may appear.
“Mapping Your Path is alchemy, because it will bring together parts of yourself and others to spark transformation you could never foresee. It’s the most supportive structured community to understand yourself better and make durable, meaningful change to your life. You don’t have to know what you want to get out of the experience, you just have to know that you’re not where you want to be and you’re not entirely sure why.”
– Annie in Washington, DC
MYP: Let’s PLAY is about getting things done AND enjoying the process. We often can get stuck on the idea that change takes big efforts over large amounts of time, but really the secret is in the small steps over time. Imperfect action is still progress in the right direction.
One small step. One giant leap.
This 3-month cohort devoted to fun + play is inspired by our special guide: my grandfather, Charles Stark Draper (but you can call him “Doc”). He developed the navigation systems that got us to the moon—and back. He sought to do the impossible, and enjoyed the journey along the way.
In addition to the live kick-off and wrap-up workshops, this summer there will be three mini pre-recorded workshops inspired by my grandfather’s path to help you with your focus on your own endeavors.
MONTH 1: Your internal gyroscope + this should be fun!
MONTH 2: Perspective + progress over time
MONTH 3: Planting seeds + playing with the universe
“I am so grateful to be a part of MYP, and to have the time to dedicate to all these wonderfully revealing activities! Even though I’m not able to join the workshops live, I’m getting so much out of it! Taking time to watch the replay, and pausing to spend longer on the activities, feels like precious ‘mindfulness’ time for me!” 
– Michelle in Australia
  • Exploratory maps and new creative exercises for your personal toolkit
  • Supportive habits that support you in a way that you work best
  • Accountability for self and through others
  • An incredible support system through community (+ likely some new friends too)
  • Actual progress on the thing you want to move the needle forward on

What are you ready to move the needle forward on in your own life?
There are so many directions this could go. The idea is that you come with an idea or theme to focus on for the three months. Not just any old idea, but one that lights you up and gets you excited. This is your “personal project.”
It doesn’t have to be fully formed. It may even scare you—but in a good way. There’s a good chance it’s something your intuition has been trying to wake you up about for a while now! It’s likely one of those long-game goals, not just instant gratification.
The way we gather in MYP isn’t like other online programs.
It comes with the MYP components that past participants have come to know and love (and why so many keep returning for more), and new features too. It’s designed for maximum flexibility whether it’s a busy season of life, or you’re taking time off to travel. There’s NO BEHIND IN MYP.
MYP isn’t about overbooking yourself—it allows space for magic! ✨
“I have done many of those so-called workshops and online programs in the past 3 years. Until now I haven’t had such a beautifully designed program, rich content, powerful exercises, and the wonderful people in the community. I was blown away and it is truly an aspiration and inspiration.” 
– Sophie in Switzerland
Don’t miss your opportunity to join this incredible community of change-makers around the globe! You won’t get lost in the crowd (space is limited), and you’ll get direct support from Anne on whatever you’re working on.


accountability + workshops + community
JUNE — AUG 2023 
Kick-off workshop June 2
(This is the lowest price point MYP, with payment plans available.)
Learn more about the three versions of Mapping Your Path, along with additional testimonials here.

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