CreativeMornings Make A Map! FieldTrip (Sept 12)

We’ve become so dependent on phones do we even know how to read maps any more? And when was the last time you made your own map? In this FieldTrip we’ll be getting lost and making your own hand-drawn maps. (NO artistic ability required.) Maps are an amazing tool to help give you clarity on where you want to go. In this Make A Map! FieldTrip we’ll be using them to help us unlock our imagination, embrace our inner child, and dream.

Participants should bring paper and their favorite pen (it’s good to have a ballpoint pen on hand too). Bring a banana to map on too (trust me)! This is an all-inclusive workshop—an orange, lemon, or other untraditional thing to map on works too.


✔️ Disconnect and engage your creative juices in analog form

✔️ We’ll be making 2 maps in the course of 1 hour. This is a fast-paced workshop, but the joy comes from creative constraints.

✔️ Anyone who is open to sharing will be invited to share their maps! Prepare to be surprised and delighted. (Use #MakeaMapFieldTrip to share online)

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