Street Wisdom + the World Wide Wander (Sept 29)

If you’ve never experienced Street Wisdom you’re in for a treat! All you need is your feet to guide you as you experience a few “tune ups” that will help you tune into the world around you before taking a question into the world during the “quest.” It’s great for finding new solutions to anything you’ve been struggling with. It’s a great tool for business or life!

Street Wisdom can be experienced anywhere, at any time (the audio prompts are free on Spotify). Even inside your home. September 29th you can experience it to the next level during the World Wide Wander when free walkshops will be offered around the globe, but in person, and online. (I first experienced Street Wisdom online and spotted Keanu Reeves!)

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Street Wisdom to be hosting a Paris wander. I’ll also be Zooming into wander 5 of the online program.

Even if you don’t fully know what you’re signing up for, I highly recommend giving it a go!


P.S. Mapping Your Path into 2024 is currently enrolling! The fun kicks off Oct 6th. Don’t miss out!

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