Mapping Your Path: PLAYGROUND (3-mo accountability booster group + community)

Is there something you’ve been itching to make progress on but keeps getting pushed away? Are you feeling isolated or looking for community, people you can be real with and inspired by? Are you just looking to have a bit more fun in life? (It’s a heavy world out there!) Or maybe you’re finally ready to make some time for YOU.

If any of these resonate with you, Mapping Your Path: PLAYGROUND may just be your answer. It’s a 3-mo creative container to move the needle forward on something meaningful for you. 💛  It’s an invitation to experiment, explore, and most importantly PLAY!

Mapping Your Path isn’t your typical online offer. MYP is a connected, intimate experience with direct support and interaction with me (Anne) along the way. It’s inspiration, guidance, coaching, support, connection and even a side of magic. This is how you advance and make progress without added stress.

Many of us have joined offers in the past that claim to have great communities, but it really felt like noise, one-way communication, and lacked engagement and connection (and some really just felt like toxic wastelands to be honest).

Real community is a supportive scaffolding for connection. The MYP experience is built to foster community, and it’s why I choose to be an active participant every step of the way, and engage with everyone who joins the community, sharing an inside look inside what I’m working on and thinking thr

Even when we’re working towards individual goals there’s something powerful in doing this together! 💛 Even on a bad day you’ll learn you can turn your day around, and leave sessions feeling lit up and better than when you joined.
Being in community doesn’t mean you have to be connected 24/7 or read and respond to every message (we’re not going for performative community here either). It means you have a place to go when you need it or want it. It’s a guilt-free, judgment-free zone, where you get to be yourself (it’s OK if you need to vent some days!), ask questions, ask for help, celebrate yourself, share what you’re working on, let yourself shine, be inspired by others, and cheer each other on. The beauty comes from the hive mind you can turn to. 🐝 There is so much wisdom in the MYP community.
In MYP you can dip in and out as you please. Leave perfectionist tendencies at the door, and see what happens…

MYP: PLAYGROUND will run June 21—Sept 20th, so even if you’re traveling there’s still plenty of time to connect. There’s space to BREATHE. It’s a nice way to make progress and enter the fall, where you already feel more anchored and in gear for the year ahead.
This will be FUN! Yes, there will be banana maps! 🍌🗺️🍌

We’ll have a kick-off workshop (June 21) with focus setting and wrap-up workshop (Sept 20) to celebrate all our progress (with banana maps at both!), monthly small group Connection Calls (with me + 5-6 community members!), optional virtual co-working, the Slack community with ongoing support (I will give you feedback on anything you’re working on if you post it in the community! Or we can talk about whatever fun new thing is happening this summer) and resource sharing (I don’t want to overwhelm you, so ask if you’re not getting what you want).

The goal is to focus on ONE thing inside the container to really make progress on. Think “Guiding Force” (word/theme/phrase) but for the next 3-months. You may have a specific project, or it may be a general feeling or theme.

My summer focus inside MYP: PLAYGROUND is celebrating and promoting spreading the word around OVERRIDE(my brand new book which came out a few weeks ago) in a way that feels true to me. This also means you’ll be getting a sneak peek inside the ongoing self-publishing journey + everything I’m cooking up :)

I’m also there to support YOU on whatever you’re working on. Not quite sure what you want to focus on? There are more ideas on the MYP offer page. The kick-off workshop + community space (as well as a new way to connect) will help with also help you find your focus. Stay open to new pathways and possibilities. 

The summer version is also intentionally designed to be experimental, exploratory, and playful. 🤸‍♀️ I’ve got some new ideas to encourage us all to get us outside and exploring. The world is HEAVY and HARD. Let’s invite a bit more PLAY and FUN into our lives.🎈 I’d love for you to join!


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