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Blognhagen: 1 Day in Copenhagen

In case you missed the memo, Blog’nhagen was first in a series of blogger meet-ups that was held on July 3rd in Copenhagen. Brittany Watson Jepsen aka The House that Lars Built and Maria Helgstrand Laursen created it to bring online creative personas together in real-life while they explore the best of the best of each city. The day was so full it took me awhile to wrap my head around everything and get around to posting. I put all my best photos of the day on Facebook, so you... Read The Rest →

HIGH FIVE: Copenhagen

These days if nothing else there is an excess of information. My challenge for myself is to make sense of it, and help “package” it in a way that concisely captures the key points, while also being able to share it. Selfishly, I’d rather share a link rather than write another epic email, and besides, everyone can have access. My “High Five” series is my way of editing down and choosing my five favorite places on a trip (I then enter + map them all on Everplaces). For so long... Read The Rest →

2012: The Year of Action

Every year rather than focusing on resolutions (I try to do that starting in Nov–why wait?), I give the year a theme. 2012 was the “Year of Action.” The goal was to get all my ducks in a row to really be working on the kind of projects I dream of doing. I decided today would be a good day to look back at highlights of last year to better focus on what’s next.P.S. If links don’t work try deleting .html or using the search bar. I just migrated my... Read The Rest →


Why did you start this blog? I had a good day job, but I wasn’t completely creatively fulfilled. At the same time I had recently discovered blogs and how creative people in different parts of the country were communicating and I saw a really supportive community forming, and I wanted to find a way to be a part of it. I knew it’d be about travel and design. I started blogging on Bastille Day (see, the French influence!) 2007. Who designed your blog? I did! I’m a graphic designer by... Read The Rest →


When I was in Copenhagen over the summer I was lucky to meet up with the Everplaces team.  I love what they do and how they make traveling, saving and sharing your favorite places fun, and in a visually interesting way where form matches function. Their latest version of their app just launched last week, with some great new functionality (free in the iTunes store). In honor of the new release, they also asked my friend Ashley – aka Chasing Heartbeats – to make a video. I’m lucky enough to... Read The Rest →

Through Others’ Eyes {Blog’nhagen}

One of the coolest things about going on various blogger trips – Virginia, Nice, Copenhagen – is not only meeting new bloggers and learning about the creative endeavors they’re up to, but it’s also seeing the posts they cook up for their own blog after each event. Ashley of Chasing Heartbeats broke her coverage down into several posts full of her beautiful images (she’s a professional photographer after all), but nothing made me giggle more the video she made throughout the day. It just feels real (we really did get... Read The Rest →

Blog’nhagen Re-visted

Blognhagen was such an awesome opportunity to pull together bloggers in real life and get us interacting and experiencing a city in a new way. I know I already blogged about my Blognhagen adventures in Copenhagen, but I’m still in awe of everything we fit in that day. In addition to having 9 international bloggers, we were lucky enough to have Liv Prior Colliander along with us all day to capture it on film. She put together a short version (above) and long version (below). Enjoy!

French Lessons: Santé

Santé! To health. It’s the French version of “cheers,” and a very important word as you’ll likely find yourself in many situations involving wine or champagne with any time spent in France. The main key rules are to always make eye contact with the person you are cheers-ing with, and when it’s a group of people, arms should never cross – just be patient and let each moment happen. Speaking of drinking etiquette, don’t miss Joanna Goddard’s How to Drink Wine guide illustrated by Gemma Correll. p.s. I’m currently in... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen, aka The House that Lars Built is one of the craftiest and most creative ladies I know. It was a blast getting to know her better (and in person finally) when we were roommates in Berlin for The Hive conference. She’s an American living in Copenhagen, so she understands the expat perspective (her husband is Danish and I love that when she got married she saw her wedding as an opportunity to create an awesome portfolio piece). Today she officially announced Blog’nhagen, an event she and her... Read The Rest →


Blog’nhagen is first in a series of blogger meet-ups created to bring these online personas together in real-life while they explore the best of the best of each city. First stop: Copenhagen, Denmark, July 3rd. Brittany Watson Jepsen aka The House that Lars Built and Maria Helgstrand Laursen are the two creative minds behind this perfect excuse for me to go to Copenhagen for the first time. While I had “known” Brittany online, I didn’t officially meet her until May when we were together in Berlin for The Hive Conference.... Read The Rest →

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