Anne Stark Ditmeyer is creative coach and workshop facilitator with a design mind.

Anne founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: “ready to travel”) on Bastille Day 2007 to explore the creative ways people travel, and explore the intersection of travel and design. She believes that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world.

She spends most of her time as a creative coach and workshop facilitator. She works with individuals, educational institutions, companies, and teams. Her signature workshop is Write Your Own Rules, and a couple times a year she runs a 3-month workshop called Mapping Your Path.

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Anne believes everyone is creative and her goal is to help connect creatives across continents. With a background in anthropology, art history, graphic design, UX design, design thinking, and global communications, her work is that of a graphic designer, researcher, educator, editor, writer, coach, facilitator, explorer, and online education expert. She brings a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural approach to everything she does.

Anne sees Instagram as a playground for inspiration rather than a place for likes. (Follow her at @pretavoyager.). She’s been named a Top Paris Instagram Account to follow by Condé Nast Traveler and one of the most inspirational women travel bloggers to follow by Jetset Times.

Anne currently consults and collaborates with various brands and businesses around design and storytelling; teaches user experience design on OpenClassrooms,  teaches Map Making, The Art of the Travel Posters, Basic InDesign (+ InDesign in 30 Minutes), and Redesign Your Résumé on Skillshare; is the author of the Herb Lester Paris Small Shops guide, and helps people plan their Paris through her online program, Navigate Paris Online.

Anne’s writing has appeared in print in Anthology magazine’s “Going Global” issue, Dwell, EasyJet, Kinfolk, and online on Design Sponge (where she worked as a longtime contributing editor) – including 24 Hours in Paris, Fast Co.Design, Kate Spade x Fathom’s Monaco guide, and she worked as co-art director for the pilot issue of Wayfare magazine, an online magazine celebrating the art of the journey. You can find her thoughts on the importance of study abroad and swimming against the Internet stream on Medium.

For more on Anne’s creative path, read Creating Your Own Path interview (and podcast) with Jennifer Snyder, and listen to her conversation with Grace Bonney on ‘After the Jump’ about making global connections. Anne talked about value and making it as a creative during the conference Blogtacular. Anne is an avid swimmer whose best ideas come while in the water; she has visited all the public pools in Paris. 🏊

Her most recent professional services as a creative coach and consultant can be found at You can find her latest podcast episodes linked on her professional about page and Biz Blog.


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