Boarding Pass is a regular column exploring the creative ways people travel and how they record their memories. Travel doesn’t have to be to exotic, but is more of a way of seeing. Here you will find a collection of all past participants and how they see the world. Happy Travels! NOTE: Ever since I migrated my website to WordPress, not all the links are working. I have to go back and manually fix them. In the meantime try deleting .html for the end of the domain address, or use the search bar on the right side of the blog. Thank you for your patience! 

Anne Ditmeyer, founder/editor Prêt à Voyager {Paris, France}

Vahram Muratyan, Paris vs NYC, {Paris, France}

Pia Jane Bijkerk international stylist and author {Sydney, Australia}

Janet Blyberg, museum researcher/curator {Washington, DC}

Kristina Gill, editor of In The Kitchen With (Design*Sponge) {Rome, Italy}

Lauren Kilberg of DoubleTakes {South Korea}

Monna McDiarmid, expat in Thailand {Bangkok, Thailand}

Nichole Robertson copywriter/photographer, behind Little Brown Pen {New Jersey, USA}

Natalie Schaefer, graphic designer, blog: Random Inspiration {Portland, OR}

Victoria Smith, blogger behind SF Girl by Bay {San Francisco, CA}

Marieke Berghuis Leewens, illustrator (and former lawyer) {The Netherlands}

Chris Bettig illustrator: the Mountain Label {San Francisco, CA}

Conn Brattain, designer (for Todd Oldham) {Maui, Hawaii}


John Giordani, graphic designer {Maui, Hawaii}

Daniel Gross graphic designer: aNEW designs {Los Angeles, CA}

Jennifer Hill Battilana: illustrator/designer {Boston, MA}

Anne Lee graphic designer: Annamatic {Seoul, Korea}

Robert Hold  designer: Mr. Peacock {San Francisco, CA}


Nidhi Malhotra blogger behind UnWorn {New York City}

Christine Martinez of LAMA Designs {Los Angeles, CA}

Patricia Naves product designer {Brazil}

Meredith Norwood illustrator, designer, photographer {Mississippi, USA}

Sam Reitmayer of style/SWOON {Dallas, TX}

Magda Sayeg of Knitta Please {Austin, TX}

Tara Scheueman of Cracked Designs {Miluwakee, Wisconsin}

Andrew Losowsky, author of Doorbells of Florence {Providence, Rhode Island}

Elisa Parhad, author of New Mexico: a guide for the Eyes {Los Angeles, California}


Kate Pocrass of Mundane Journeys {San Francisco, CA}


Gemma Correll illustrator {Norwich, UK}

Eliza Jane Curtis illustrator behind Morris & Essex {Portland, ME}

Nik Daum illustrator and world traveler {San Francisco, CA}

Eleanor Grosch illustrator: Push Me Pull You {Philadelphia, PA}

Tara Hogan graphic designer: Ink & Wit {Fayetteville, NY}

Amy Ruppel illustrator{Portland, OR}

Julie Summerbelle of Famille Summerbelle

Nate Williams illustrator {Buenos Aires, Argentina}

Felice Cleveland museum educator and illustrator {Baltimore, MD}

Leela Cyd lifestyle photographer and blogger {Portland, OR}

Laura Frankstone illustrator {Chapel Hill, NC}

Margaret Vest world traveler and photographer of her feet {London, UK}

Jen Altman photographer {Omaha, Nebraska}

Louis Vest drives ships into port and takes awesome photos {Huston, TX}

Wandie Kabule, film producer {Los Angeles, CA}

Lindsey Tramuta, Paris blogger: Lost in Cheeseland Paris, France}

Tomas Barazza, app developer {Sacile, Italy}


Jess of Skip Town, blogger & photographer {Melbourne, Australia}

Shayna Kulik, art director and trend forecaster, behind Pattern Pulp {New York City, NY}

Mina and Alex of Sending Postcards: creative couple {Montreal, Canada}

Landon Durnan, computer programmer and motorcyle-across-America guy {San Francisco, CA}

Kristine of Where is Kristine Now? {Belize}


Wanwisa Posner, event and party planner {New York City, NY}

Xander Santillanes cultural ethnographer behind Primitive Culture {Cape Town, South Africa}


Jamie Sinz, architect by training and world traveler {San Francisco, CA}

Wendy photographer: Escape from New York {New York City, NY}

Sara Rosso, digital strategist, writer and photographer {Milan, Italy}

Rachel Beanland, PR gal who decided to travel with her husband and adoptive children {Athens, Greece}

Peggy Wong, designer and photographer {Los Angeles, CA}

Lauren O’Neill, graphic designer and stylist {Arlington, Virginia}

Notabilia, expat blogger and educator {Singapore}

Nina Still, artist and mobile maker {Sydney, Australia}

Natasha Lawler, blogger behind Hong Kong Housewife {Hong Kong}

Meg Gagnard, student and explorer of the world {Paris, France}

Jodi McKee, photographer & awesome scrapbook maker {Brooklyn, NYC}

Marisa Williams, photographer who goes by Risamay {Oakland, CA}

Maggie High, expat blogger {Suncheon, South Korea}

Magda Lipka Falck, designer behind the Anywhere Travel Guide {Stockholm, Sweden}

Kate Lydon, architect and environmental designer {Oakland, CA}

Joe Lukawski, journalist and filmmaker {Fez, Morocco}

Kim Sly, illustrator {Portland, Oregon}

Rachel Khoo, food creative + author/star of “The Little Paris Kitchen” {Paris, France}

Kate Bingaman-Burt, illustrator who draws consumption {Portland, Oregon}

Katie Spearman, lover of travel {Charlottesville, VA}

Kasia Dietz, bag designer {Paris, France}

Kali Vermès, photographer and Grow Little terrariums {Paris, France}

Kaitlin King, anthropologist and artist {San Jose, Costa Rica}

Judy Kaufmann, illustrator {Barcelona, Spain}

Janelle Nanos, traveler and former National Geographic editor {Boston, Massachusetts}

Jamie Diersing, creative director and co-founder of Egg2Cake {Cincinnati, Ohio}

Aron and Ashley of Hither and Thither, doctor and publishing specialists turned bloggers {Brooklyn, NY}

Hejorama, Paris-based travel blog with travel stories that take a stance {Paris, France}

Gabby of the Gypsie Diaries looks at travel with style {Budapest, Hungary}

Yah Leng Yu, graphic designer behind Foreign Policy Design {Singapore}

Susan Hutchinson, interior designer and blogger behind Fleurishing {Philadelphia, Pennsylvania}

Anna of European Chic, blogger {Paris, France}

Emily Kleinman, senior designer and blogger {New York City, NY}
Hannah DeBree, marketing at Chronicle Books {Oakland, California}
 Jeff Barfoot, designer and illustrator (behind Bee Things) {Dallas, Texas}
Kate Rivinus Blackman, designer for Egg2Cake {Los Angeles, California}
Kristina Klarin, blogger behind Kris’s Colorstripes {Milan, Italy}

Elodie Rambaud, French stylist {Paris, France}

Lara Dunston, professional travel writer and blogger {Australia / Dubai / The World}

Terence Carter, travel photographer, writer and blogger {Australia / Dubai / The World}

Dorkys Ramos, magazine writer {Brooklyn, New York}

Meghan McEwen, writer/editor behind Designtripper {Detroit, Michigan}

Suzanne Harrison, photographer and globetrotter {UK / nomadic}

David Nolan, graphic designer and globetrotter {UK / nomadic}

David Bacher, photojournalist + wedding photographer {Versailles, France}

Alice-Kate Raisch, world traveler and communications specialist {Paris, France}

Caroline Duke, blogger behind I Am Greedy Girl {Oklahoma, OK}

Romolo Eduaro {Sao Paolo, Brazil}


Nomad Ink, designers {Curitiba, Brazil}

Sivan Askayo, photographer {NYC}

Biance Tschaikner, illustrator {Austria}

Adam Green, scientist/traveler {US/Canada}

Andrew Schapiro, graphic designer {San Francisco}

Ann Shen, illustrator {Los Angeles}

Anthony Georgis, photographer {Berlin/US}

Ashley Ludaescher, photographer {Berlin}

Julie Sarperi of Les Carnets du Traverse, designer/traveler {Paris}

Chelsea Watson, graphic designer {nomadic}

Marte Marie Forsberg, visual story maker {Norway}

Frankie Unsworth, food creative {UK}

George Pericles, visual communications and cultural specific design {China/Rwanda}

Kirra Jamison, artist {Australia}

Jennifer Neves, author {Washington State}

 Jaclynn Seah, travel e-boutique {Singapore}

Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built, DIY/creative {Copenhagen}

Jeralyn Gerba, editor/traveler Fathom Way to Go {Brooklyn}

Frani Goodwin + Katya Jezzard-Puyraud of Mademoiselle London, designer/writer {Paris/London}


William Boulay & Cécile Rondeau-Arnaud of ReTour du Monde, graphic design {Paris}

Robyn Thompson, photographer {Vancouver, BC}

Rubi Jones, hairstylist + blogger behind She Lets Her Hair Down {Paris}

Sarah Ball of Satellite Eyes, photographer {Bali}

Adam Groffman, blogger behind Travels of Adam {Berlin + beyond}

Michelle Young of Untapped Cities, editor {NYC}

Emily Westbrooks of From China Village, blogger/DIY {Dublin}

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