Think of consulting as an investment in your future, a serious time saver, and motivator that will save you money in the long run (hello, business write-offs!). I have 9+ years of professional graphic design experience, 5+ years of blogging experience, has written over 1,200 posts for Prêt à Voyager, 500+ posts for Design*Sponge, not to mention countless guest posts around the web and spent endless hours scouting the web, scouring new websites, industry articles, and just plain reading books. I’ve birthed major projects from the idea phase to conception and execution, and understands the importance of communication and the collaborative project.

Looking to move forward on a project? Here are just some of the ways I can help:

  • Understanding online behaviors + how to work with bloggers
  • Dreaming up and putting side projects into action
  • Concepting and finessing ideas
  • Streamlining your social media
  • Helping you tell your story (think Twitter bio)
  • How to use social media so it works for you
  • Blogger outreach and ways you can get noticed
  • Realistic timelines and business advice
  • Thinking about designing for web (or iPad) vs. designing for print
  • Inspiration: blogs, books, articles, resources, etc. that will set you on the right track
  • If Anne isn’t the right fit, chances are she knows the perfect person to send you to!
  • Chances are Anne will keep sending you links as they come up after all is said and done. She’s just that kind of gal.

Note: I see blogs as a “business card.” I do not recommend starting one as a way to monetize them. It should be something you love, and hopefully will lead to other – paying – opportunities and endeavors.

Each 1-hour consultation session runs 100€. Consultations can be in person (in Paris unless during travels) or via Skype at an agreed upon time. You’ll be sent you a few questions in advance to get the ball rolling. Payments are due up front via Paypal. After the hour long conversation, I will send you a recap email and “homework” that will leave you energized and excited to keep moving forward.

You can also find me on Skillshare where I teach InDesign and Map Making, online classes for $20 that you can take at your own pace.

I am also available for training for small groups, businesses and organizations as well. I am happy to work with you to develop presentations to train your team, or to work on special projects.

Still interested? Have more questions? Email Anne at


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