Mapping Your Path: Let’s PLAY! (June-Aug)

Anything is possible.

Are you ready to BELIEVE in yourself?
Let’s PLAY!

Mapping Your Path: Let’s PLAY!

June–Aug 2023
MYP: Let’s PLAY is the structure and accountability you need to move the needle forward on the thing that keeps getting pushed aside and sidetracked by life. The bonus is that it’s all about bringing play, imagination, and being open to creative surprises. It’s through the spirit of fun that shortcuts and unexpected pathways may appear.
“Mapping Your Path is alchemy, because it will bring together parts of yourself and others to spark transformation you could never foresee. It’s the most supportive structured community to understand yourself better and make durable, meaningful change to your life. You don’t have to know what you want to get out of the experience, you just have to know that you’re not where you want to be and you’re not entirely sure why.”
– Annie in Washington, DC
MYP: Let’s PLAY is about getting things done AND enjoying the process. We often can get stuck on the idea that change takes big efforts over large amounts of time, but really the secret is in the small steps over time. Imperfect action is still progress in the right direction.
One small step. One giant leap.
This 3-month cohort devoted to fun + play is inspired by our special guide: my grandfather, Charles Stark Draper (but you can call him “Doc”). He developed the navigation systems that got us to the moon—and back. He sought to do the impossible, and enjoyed the journey along the way.
In addition to the live kick-off and wrap-up workshops, this summer there will be three mini pre-recorded workshops inspired by my grandfather’s path to help you with your focus on your own endeavors.
MONTH 1: Your internal gyroscope + this should be fun!
MONTH 2: Perspective + progress over time
MONTH 3: Planting seeds + playing with the universe
“I am so grateful to be a part of MYP, and to have the time to dedicate to all these wonderfully revealing activities! Even though I’m not able to join the workshops live, I’m getting so much out of it! Taking time to watch the replay, and pausing to spend longer on the activities, feels like precious ‘mindfulness’ time for me!” 
– Michelle in Australia
  • Exploratory maps and new creative exercises for your personal toolkit
  • Supportive habits that support you in a way that you work best
  • Accountability for self and through others
  • An incredible support system through community (+ likely some new friends too)
  • Actual progress on the thing you want to move the needle forward on

What are you ready to move the needle forward on in your own life?
There are so many directions this could go. The idea is that you come with an idea or theme to focus on for the three months. Not just any old idea, but one that lights you up and gets you excited. This is your “personal project.”
It doesn’t have to be fully formed. It may even scare you—but in a good way. There’s a good chance it’s something your intuition has been trying to wake you up about for a while now! It’s likely one of those long-game goals, not just instant gratification.
The way we gather in MYP isn’t like other online programs.
It comes with the MYP components that past participants have come to know and love (and why so many keep returning for more), and new features too. It’s designed for maximum flexibility whether it’s a busy season of life, or you’re taking time off to travel. There’s NO BEHIND IN MYP.
MYP isn’t about overbooking yourself—it allows space for magic! ✨
“I have done many of those so-called workshops and online programs in the past 3 years. Until now I haven’t had such a beautifully designed program, rich content, powerful exercises, and the wonderful people in the community. I was blown away and it is truly an aspiration and inspiration.” 
– Sophie in Switzerland
Don’t miss your opportunity to join this incredible community of change-makers around the globe! You won’t get lost in the crowd (space is limited), and you’ll get direct support from Anne on whatever you’re working on.


accountability + workshops + community
JUNE — AUG 2023 
Kick-off workshop June 2
(This is the lowest price point MYP, with payment plans available.)
Learn more about the three versions of Mapping Your Path, along with additional testimonials here.

Mapping Your Path: Moving Your Way workshop + community

WHAT IF you allowed yourself to be who you want to be? 

WHAT IF you did things in a way that feels true to you? 

WHAT IF you were free to explore a playground of possibilities?

You CAN play by your own rules.

It’s time to follow your curiosity.

You don’t have to do it alone. Together we’ll work on mapping our own paths, harnessing the power of the collective in the company of an incredible global community. Open yourself up to another way, new possibilities, and FUN.

Moving Your Way


February — April 2023

It all kicks off Feb 3!

ANYTHING is possible.

(Yes, even in 3 months! The secret is in the small steps. They all add up!)

The Feb–April 2023 Mapping Your Path is all about exploring the magic within to ignite what’s always been inside of you and itching to get out. This is about creative play, experimentation, and exploration, as we take intentional time to connect and reflect. We’ll see the blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs that have been getting in our way and rewrite the old stories as we step into our true, authentic selves.

It’s time to get out of your head, stop overcomplicating things, and make peace with not having it all figured out. You know there’s something more for you in this life — you can feel it. You don’t have to wait anymore. Now it’s time to take the first step.

This is not your typical workshop + community.

Mapping Your Path is a place where you get to show up unabashedly as yourself. You get to show up imperfectly. This experience is designed for people with real lives and busy schedules. You don’t have to do it all. There are various ways to connect.

Monthly workshops and reflection sessions are recorded, so you can watch live or catch the replay (this allows participants around the globe to join!). These sessions are designed to unleash your creative juices. You’ll get to feel like a kid again and PLAY. There’s time to work on the exercises during the 1.5hr sessions.

The monthly small group connection calls with Anne + 5-6 mappers are always a highlight for MYPers and allow participants to connect on another level. You get to sign up for a day/time that is convenient for you.

Along the way, there’s also a truly incredible community (on Slack) where you can come to be inspired, ask questions, share resources, and connect with these truly WONDERFUL humans around the world. Think of this as a cool café where you can pop by at your convenience, and stay as long or as short as you want. There’s no pressure to follow every conversation. It’s all here to support you wherever you are now.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Exploratory maps
  • New creative exercises for your personal toolkit
  • Your own mini playbook to help keep you on track
  • Your best self (seriously! We’ll work through an exercise where you learn about yourself through others.)
  • New friends + support system
  • A new, empowered mindset! (We’ll be busting down those blocks!)

You’ll leave the 3-months feeling: 

  • Progress and pride around the steps you’ve taken (especially the small ones)
  • Gratitude and joy
  • Greater ease and peace around where you are and where you’re going
  • Inspired, alive, and energized
  • A new sense of what is possible
  • Surprised (in a good way) by what you uncovered about yourself
  • New clarity

The fun starts Friday, February 3rd!
Space is limited.

As a bonus for signing up, I’ll be offering everyone who signs up for this round of MYP complimentary access to my Write Your Own Rules (self-paced) workshop. (Even if you’ve already taken it, it’s always a good idea to review your rulebooks.)

Don’t miss out! Sign up today!

Larger than life Yayoi Kusama takes over the Champs-Elysées

This week I ventured to the Champs-Elysées to check out the larger-than-life Yayoi Kusama painting the original Louis Vuitton flagship with polka dots. You can’t help but pause to look up and smile and see what’s going on.

It’s clearly part of a larger campaign, as there are posters around the city with black and white photos with colorful dots. It’s definitely eye-catching, and playful.

And like all metaphors for life, it’s definitely worth exploring different angles.

I didn’t have a chance to venture to Place Vendome, but there’s an animatronic version of Kusama in the window.

I first experienced Yayoi Kusama’s work in Naoshima, a small, yet magical island in Japan where there was one of her signature yellow pumpkins, so it was fun to see her “pop up” in Paris, as she leaves her mark on the iconic French fashion house. Her work is an excellent reminder to invite joy, play, and color into our lives.

If you’re looking to live larger, bolder, and embrace a style of life all your own, get ready. The next 3-month cohort of Mapping Your Path opens for enrollment this week!! It’s all about living into your true, authentic self, and having FUN along the way. It’s about playing by your own rules—not how we’ve been conditioned in life. When you learn to live in a way truly aligned way, that’s where the magic happens! ✨ You don’t have to wait for permission. It’s already within you!

Whether you’re painting the town, or learning to rest, there’s no one path for us all. I’ll be there to guide you along the way, and help open your eyes to new possibilities ✨

Map on a Banana! (Jan 5)

Come play with me! Join me for my (free!!) MAKE A MAP! FIELD TRIP with Creative Mornings on Thursday, Jan 5th.

Get out of your head and map on a banana! And a napkin! And paper! We’ll make 3 maps in one hour. Fun and inspiration guaranteed. Who knows where your maps may take you… ✨

It’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Banana) but sweet potatoes, squash, lemons, clementines, or anything from the recycling bin is fair game. However, I will tell you that bananas not only have the best texture for mapping, they’re also magic….🍌✨ (You can read a brief history of banana maps here.)

If you can’t join live you’ll get limited-time access to the replay. Either way, you have to sign up!

Get ready! The next 3-mo cohort of Mapping Your Path workshop + community opens for enrollment in mid-January, and kicks off the first week in February!

Vision Board Workshop

The first time I heard mention of vision boards, I rolled my eyes. I was not only highly skeptical, I was judging something before I even gave it a try.

I had convinced myself that it’d never work. The life I was drawn to was not what was rendered in magazines. I made excuses and avoided even thinking about considering it despite the fact that I saw people who I looked up to singing their praises.

Then one year, my Mastermind group decided to make vision boards together as a group activity. I agreed, albeit reluctantly Since that fateful day, I’ve never turned back. I’m a vision board convert.

I saw how the stories I had in my head weren’t supporting me. I was able to get creative and creative something I was excited about, and proud of. Now I look forward to creating one every year! This workshop is designed to get you thinking about vision boards differently too!

Not only can I make sense of my vision boards by the end of the year, but they also provide another tool and anchor to ground me throughout the ups and downs of a year.

Click here to learn about my new 2-hour Vision Board Workshop! (The workshop which took place live on Jan 7th is now available for purchase—don’t worry, you’ll feel like you’re there live with us!)

P.S. My popular Write Your Own Rules Workshop is now available as an instant access self-paced workshop. Sign up and you’ll get lifetime access!

P.S.S. The next 3-mo cohort of Mapping Your Path workshop + community kicks off in February. Enrollment opens in mid-January.

Choose Love (a great last minute gift)

On a recent trip to London I got to pay a visit to the Choose Love pop-up store supporting refugees. Choose Love works with 200 different organizations in over 25 countries around the world. All the proceeds go directly to those who need it most.

Everything for sale at their pop-up is a representation of what will be gifted to organizations working directly with those in need. You can shop by what’s “most needed” (as defined by the organizations), or buy something that relates to the person you want to gift it for. They also have bundles with multiple things, and there’s even an option to gift one of everything in the store. 💗

You can shop according to things that resonate with you, the person you want to gift to, or you can shop by what is “most needed” (as defined by the organizations). They also offer bundles of multiple different offers, and there’s even the option to buy one of everything in the store.

I absolutely loved this way of shopping, and am excited to offer it to my relatives. I walked out “empty handed” but made 9 purchases, including a “bundle of love” for various family members (which I noted for myself on the shopping list as I made my way through the store.) They also have cards in the store which you can offer to the recipient.

As an added win, the day I went there was an anonymous donor who was matching everything purchased that day.

This year Choose Love hosted pop-up shops in London and New York leading up to the holidays, but you can shop online year-round. It’s a wonderful way to pay it forward. And it’s not too late if you need last-minute gifts!

P.S. If you’re looking for other less traditional gifts, check out my workshops! Write Your Own Rules Workshop is now available as a self-paced instant access workshop.

A story of magic and the British Pullman

A year ago today I offered my dad a ride on the British Pullman for his 80th birthday. For two Americans who live in the US and Paris, gifting a gift that took place in London was not the easiest gift to make happen. I hadn’t quite considered how we’d be in the same city, but those were minor details. Still, it was a crazy idea I got a few days before his birthday and stuck with it. I didn’t need to have it all figured out. I just needed to tell him about it.

It’s honestly something I thought we’d do in summer at the earliest, but the day after his birthday my dad found out he’d be passing through London for 24 hours on his way home from a business trip to Kazakhstan in two weeks’ time. Yes, at age 80 he was traveling to Kazakhstan.

As the trip was less than two weeks out the train—the fancy British Pullman with lunch—was fully booked (it was one of the Saturdays with a steam engine, clearly making it a popular pic too). Despite not having a place on the train but we decided it was a good idea for my dad to take advantage of the 24-hour stopover, and I’d come to London on the Eurostar to meet him.


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I will never forget the magical day when everything came together: 11/11 (November 11th) which I later learned 11:11 is a magical number to many people. Not only did I get word that tables had opened up on the train, but my goal from the start—a table on the newly designed Wes Anderson car—became available! Clearly this trip was supposed to happen. Yes, it was splurgy, but for a man who loves trains, it couldn’t have been better! (It also was a fascinating contrast to our previous train adventures in Vietnam in Feb 2020!).

The actual trip didn’t happen until Nov 20th. While not my dad’s actual birthday, the magic of the fact that we rode this train on what would have been my grandfather’s birthday (my dad’s dad). (The strange thing is that the temperature was 11 degrees C too).

My dad flew in from Kazakhstan that morning, and I was on the first train out of Paris that morning. We miraculously arrived at the hotel within 15 minutes of each other. It would have been the same time, but I stopped to get my Covid test (required at the time) upon my arrival.

The biggest surprise to me was that my dad booked the hotel where my mom had told him she was expecting me on the way back from a business trip! He told me I had been to that hotel before. I figured it was my first trip in high school. Nope, it was in utero.

We both dressed for the ride not knowing if we had time to change before the ride. And yes, my dad specifically picked a tie to go with the Wes Anderson interior.

The train left from Victoria station where there was live music as we checked in. We checked and once boarding opened took a stroll to check out the train (each car has a slightly different interior, I’d been on it before when I had the chance to ride the Orient Express). We even got to check out the steam engine which is a huge endeavor to get going (like a day!) but there’s a whole organization of engineers who are preserving the tradition.

Once we got to our seats/table, we were served champagne and were on our way. We loved our multi-course lunch and 4-hour ride while we did a loop (down towards Guilford) as we were pulled by a steam engine.

The other awesome thing about this experience was that the train plays a role in Paddington 2, which happens to be one of my dad’s favorite movies. Conveniently we were staying at Paddington Station so we got to visit him as well.

So here’s to dreaming up crazy ideas, and believing they can happen—and faster than you expect—even when the train is sold out. 🥂🚂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD!!!!


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Mapping Your Path into 2023! (Kicks off Oct 7th!)

WHAT IF the New Year was not about resolutions, but an opportunity to catch your breath and get grounded?

Together we’ll work on mapping our own paths forward into the New Year—and beyond! All while having some fun along the way, and with the power of the collective.

Set yourself up for success—as defined by YOU–so that you’re able to make things happen in a way that is as fun as possible, and feels true to you, NOT dictated by society’s standards.

WHAT IF fun was a pre-requisite and anything was possible?!

Mapping Your Path into 2023


Oct 2022 – Jan 2023

It all kicks off Oct 7th!
(Read on for the earlybird discount code!)

Create the map for your future.
Unlock the magic within you.

Follow your curiosity.
The journey is the destination.
Anything is possible.

During our 3 months together we’ll explore how you want to go into the New Year with intention, while using the rest of 2022 as an experimental playground. We’ll unlock creative juices along the way while inviting in fun + joy.

You’ll be guided every step of the way through live workshops and reflection sessions (recorded so you can watch any time), small group connection calls, and a community of warm-hearted humans around the world like you’ve never experienced before. I’ll be an active participant alongside you for the entire journey too!

The breakdown:





  • Exploratory map
  • New exercises for your personal toolkit
  • Your own mini guidebook to refer to when things go off course
  • A word, theme, or mantra to carry you forward (your guiding force)
  • New friends + support system
  • A new, empowered mindset!

No artistic experience is required. No two maps are the same. A bit of curiosity will take you far! 

Goal: Remove overwhelm, NOT add more to your to do list.

Where do YOU want to be?


Mapping Your Path kicks off Oct 7th and runs through mid-January 2023


Use code MAPONABANANA for 100€ off! The earlybird discount expires at midnight CET/Paris (6pm EST) on Saturday, Sept 24th. Code must be entered during checkout to apply.

Write Your Own Rules (new workshop dates!)

At some point I realized the rules I grew up learning didn’t make sense for me. In many ways they were outdated, arbitrary, and something we never learned to question.

I created my Write Your Own Rules Workshop as part of my ongoing mission to ask “What if there was another way?” It’s a way to break the status quo and consider other paths forward, opening possibilities along the way.

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, I’ll guide you every step of the way through a series of creative exercises as you write your own set of guiding principles to serve you in work and life. You’ll walk away from it with your own rulebook to refer to regularly.

It’s one thing to write your own rules, but it’s another to actually live by them.

I have TWO upcoming workshop dates to reach the most amount of people around the world as possible. (Use the Eventbrite link to convert to your local timezone.) This is probably going to be the last time I run this workshop live online, so sign up so you can experience it in this format!


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