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{Paris Practique} : French Swimming Pools

The more I say things like “so I was talking to this guy in the shower at the pool,” the more I realize that going to the French swimming pool is a cultural experience I take for granted. The response to this sentence is always, “What!?! The showers are co-ed?” To which I then respond, “Yes, always, and in some cases there are not private showers, and unfortunately you witness some people washing their privates, and even some showers face the swimming pool.” Since my first piece on la piscine... Read The Rest →

French Bureaucracy, Explained

One of the things about having a social media presence and clearly being an expat in France is that people can easily find me. Hence I get a lot of questions and emails that go something like: Dear Anne, I want to move to France. I’ve sent dozen of email responses which I tend to never hear back from (I fear it’s because what I say isn’t always what people want to hear). After numerous blog posts on the topic as well, I thought it was time to pull together... Read The Rest →


So you’re thinking of moving to Paris? Or perhaps you already did – congrats! Years ago, I dubbed one of my series {Un}Glamorous Paris keeping things real with a sense of humor and resources to help others on their journey. When you move to Paris you don’t think about the endless flow of visitors you have to balance, or fully comprehend just how small your first Paris apartment may be (if you’re even lucky enough to find one in the first place! My past apartments are probably not as glamorous as you’d expect,... Read The Rest →


Anne Stark Ditmeyer is creative coach and workshop facilitator with a design mind. Anne founded Prêt à Voyager (translation: “ready to travel”) on Bastille Day 2007 to explore the creative ways people travel, and explore the intersection of travel and design. She believes that travel is not about where you go, but how you see the world. She spends most of her time as a creative coach and workshop facilitator. She works with individuals, educational institutions, companies, and teams. Her signature workshop is Write Your Own Rules, and a couple... Read The Rest →

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