I’ve been giving bespoke tours of Paris since 2011 to help people explore the city in creative ways. Tours are just one (small) side of my business I’ve built for myself in Paris. I only accept a limited number of tours, and never book more than a month in advance.

I always cater my tours to the interests of my clients. My three main offerings are Navigate Paris (orientation/overview while exploring different neighborhoods), Paris Design Tour (a flexible route through many of the best French design shops to historic passageways), and Amélie’s Paris (inspired by Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s 2001 movie). (Full descriptions are below.)

Typical tours run 3-hours and we can cover as much or as little ground in that time as we get to. Stopping for a coffee or snack is definitely not out of the question (in fact, it’s encouraged!). We of course can what about your stay and other things to do in the city as we walk and talk. In addition to our 3-hours together you can expect a recap email of where we went with other ideas we discussed.

It’s not uncommon to fit 2-3 neighborhoods in during our time together. It’s impressive how much we can accomplish in 3 hours, but the goal is also not to exhaust ourselves excessively. Being in Paris is a good reminder to find inspiration everywhere, and not be afraid to slow down.

If you’re looking for trip planning assistance or are moving to Paris, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my Navigate Paris Online offer, which is a self-paced online experience designed to help you make the most of your time in Paris, while saving you money, and giving you a deeper understanding of the culture.

If you’re traveling with a company, work team, group of students, or hosting a workshop in Paris you may want to check out my professional services at anneditmeyer.com for other ways we can work together. I’ve been known to organize special workshops, research trips, and design safaris. I also offer Deep Dive Days, which combine a full day of Paris inspiration + exploration, along with 1:1 coaching which is perfect for small biz owners.




While there are a million guidebooks and blogs out there, nothing really beats having a human point of contact when arriving in a new place. I’ll help you understand the layout of Paris, how to get around and use the metro, French culture and etiquette, key French phrases, and I’ll answer any questions you may have. I’ll share tips on how to keep your trip budget friendly and give ideas for the rest of your stay. My tours are adaptable to your interests (seriously, the more random, the better!). In the past I’ve explored flowers, ribbon stores, comic book stores, stationery, architecture, illustration, packaging design, pastries, beer, coffee, and more!

The whole experience is designed to feel like you’re hanging out with an old friend, not on some generic tour. For this tour we meet where you’re staying (Paris proper only) and go from there. We typically start with a bit of exploring around you, before heading further afield.


Whether you’re a designer or just have a love of good design, this experience is for you. See Paris through the eyes of a graphic designer in a way that celebrates independent and French designers.

We’ll kick off the tour at Merci, the famous concept shop known for the red Fiat in the courtyard, and that has a regularly changing installation. We’ll visit some great shops in the haut Marais, unique specialty stores, secret passages and more. Depending on your own interests we may detour to see some different stops and may even meet some designers and artisans along the way. If you fancy a coffee, we’ll take a break to chat design in a local café. We’ll likely pass some street art en route as well. As we walk and talk I’ll be sure to give you recommendations on how to continue your design exploration on your own.



In 2001, “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain” became a hit in cinemas around the world, as Amélie charmed us through her colorful view of Paris. This experience takes you to many of the key sites in the film. We’ll explore the locations through stills from the movie, and I’ll even bring my gnome! Along the way we’ll discuss the film from use of color, inspiration, digitization and the challenges of shooting on location. (Please realize Paris has been idealized/beautified for the film.)

You’ll explore a few neighborhoods through the guise of cinema. We’ll start at Canal St. Martin where Amélie skipped stones (unfortunately we can’t skip our own, but we can get close!), visit Gare de l’Est (train station), pop-up to Montmartre for Sacre Coeur, the metro where she leads the blind man, Maison Colignon (the vegetable stand), and I’ll leave you at the Cafe aux Deux Moulins where Amélie worked where you can enjoy a crème brulée if that suits your taste! Bring 5€ if you want to take pictures with the gnome in the photobooth!


How do in person tours work?

Who: Each tour is for 1-4 people. For one person you get my full attention, 4 people get to share me. 😉 The tour is perfect for first time visitors, but seasoned visitors are welcome too! I sometimes accept larger groups, but there will be surcharge for additional people.
Meeting place: It depends on the tour. For Navigate Paris I’ll come to where you’re staying (as long as it’s within Paris proper). For the other tours I’ll send you the meeting place.
Duration: 3 hours (Typically 10am or 2pm are good start times.)
Cost: 275€ + 20% TVA (If you’re invoicing through a non-EU based company you may be exempt.)
Payment: To confirm your booking, I’ll send you a Stripe or PayPal invoice to be paid in full before we meet. (See below for cancellation policy.)

Still interested? Shoot me an email at anne@navigateparis.com with the subject line: PARIS TOUR {type of tour}. Be sure to include your available dates. As mentioned above, I rarely accept tours more than 1-month in advance. Once the tour is booked I’ll send you a brief questionnaire to help make the most of our time together.

Keep reading for testimonials!

I’ve given over 300 tours in my time to clients from all corners of the globe.
Here are some kind words people had to say:

What a wonderful way to see Paris–thru the experienced and passionate lens of Anne. Correspondence was excellent and her customized tour design right on target. Especially appreciated was her focus and engagement on our nine year old first-time visitors. Anne is charming, smart and extremely flexible. Recommend highly for first-time or Paris savants.
– Grant S.

Anne was everything we needed on our first trip to Paris and more! Without our three hours early on with her, our trip would not have run so smoothly. She showed us so many wonderful things we would never have thought to seek. Because of her informative tips and advice, we became experts on the metro. After our tour, Anne sent us that great recap about which everyone raves, in addition to a list of fantastic dining spots. Thanks so much Anne!
– Kellie

Our tour with Anne was an ideal introduction to Paris. She was helpful, kind, interesting and very knowledgeable of the city. The tour was perfect for everyone in our group (2 adults and 2 kids), taking in several sites, shops and restaurants as well as a few streets that we would not have found without Anne. If it is your first trip to Paris…or even your 15th…I would absolutely recommend a tour with Anne.
– Troy

Anne was a wonderful guide on our first trip to Paris! We scheduled to meet with her only a few hours after we arrived and we think it was the best money we spent on our trip. She was kind enough to help us navigate the metro, she gave us helpful tips on where to get delicious food, and tailored our experience to where we wanted to sightsee. After leaving us, we promptly received an email from Anne with a summary of the locations we visited, a few tips, and some suggestions. I highly recommend hiring Anne as a guide for your trip to Paris!
– Kate J

Anne was a wonderful guide! She led us on a tour of well-chosen sites based on our interests, while sharing helpful tips and fascinating tidbits about life in Paris along the way. I also really appreciated her communication before and after the tour. Before the tour, she asked us several questions so that she could learn about our interests, and then she sent us recommendations for restaurants, museums, etc. After the tour, she followed up with a recap of the places we had visited as well as a few more recommendations, based on our conversations during the tour.
– Linda

Anne did a great job showing my wife and I around Paris during our honeymoon. We explored areas of the city we might not have otherwise seen while acclimating ourselves to the metro and bus systems. Not only that, but Anne showed us how to figure out where we are and get to where we would like to go regardless of where are you in the city and gave us some suggestions for places to visit later on our trip.

Spending the afternoon with Anne was informative, alleviated any concerns about Paris and was entertaining as well. She was prompt, professional and prepared to address our personal interests. After the tour she provided via e-mail a summary of where we went and answers to any remaining questions. Job well done, Anne! Money and time well spent!! Highly recommended.
– Lynn

I’m in my early 30s and recently was in Paris with my parents. Anne’s tour was a highlight of our visit. I’m not usually a “tour” person, but this was more like a knowledgeable friend sharing insights about the city. A few notes: – Anne sufficiently prepared for the tour, asking about our interests ahead of time and coming with ample ideas based on our direction – We opted for a focus on design and we loved all the concept shops, retail stores, and coffee spots that Anne took us to. – Beyond the main content, she also gave us practical, logistical advice – what metro tickets to buy, where to eat near our hotel, etc. – As a New Yorker, it was particularly nice to be led by someone who has the context of being an American yet is so immersed in Parisian culture. Anne followed up with a list of places we visited, additional suggestions she had mentioned, and even emailed me when I was in Nice the following day — with a museum exhibit going on there that she thought we would enjoy. Highly recommended.
– Kaitlyn Y

Whether you are visiting Paris for the first time or are a seasoned traveller looking to uncover new secrets in the city, this is the experience you’re looking for. Anne is an incredible guide, navigating the narrow streets of Paris as you cross through arrondissement after arrondissement – she notes major points of interest while highlighting unique shops, galleries, and passageways that would otherwise go unnoticed. Her resources and knowledge of the city were not just limited to the tour itself, before meeting up Anne sent me a number of thoughtful emails filled with tips on restaurants, museum exhibits, and shops I might like, her recommendations were spot on and made all the difference during my limited time in the city. After our mini-adventure Anne sent a breakdown of all the places we had stopped on our walk – we covered quite a distance! I cannot recommend this experience enough for anyone who wants to see the Paris that exists beyond the usual tourist spots.
– Christina H

Whatever your interests, Anne makes a wonderful navigator. We wanted to explore the city and visit the weekend flea markets. Without her guidance we would never have found our destination! The markets were fantastic, and Anne dropped us at our transport point. Instead of wasting precious time in Paris getting lost, we made best use of it with Anne’s help. Thank you Anne!
– Laurie H

Although I have visited Paris several times before, this was the first time I was taking the Eurostar for a day trip, and I was visiting with my daughter and two of her friends who had never travelled abroad before. I wanted to make the most of the day trip and wanted to see Paris from a more local perspective. Anne’s local knowledge and cultural perspective provided a great way of seeing the city “as a Parisian”! Anne met us at the train station as we got in, gave us tips on using the metro to get around, gave us useful tips on safety, and took us on a walking sightseeing tour. She then gave us pointers and places of interest for the remainder of our day in Paris before setting off back to London. Great tour!
– Mukesh

Anne is warm and welcoming from the moment you meet her. Just one of those people you think you’re friends with right from the get-go. This makes for a very pleasant, easy-going tour. Anne is flexible, prepared, knowledgeable – and not just about the standard tourist attractions. Her willingness to make your trip the best it can be is obvious and very much appreciated. Thanks so much, Anne!
– Karen C

I booked this tour for the 2nd day of my two week stay and cannot recommend it enough! I really appreciated the opportunity to spend time with such a fun and knowledgable guide, to explore my neighbourhood, understand the metro and receive so many personalised hints and tips of the best places to eat and visit. Thanks Anne! x
– Kerry L

Anne was smart, informed and great company. She made the most of my few free hours in Paris. Do yourself a favor and see the city with her.
– Tim B

I can honestly say, Anne made my day. It was my first time to Paris, and I knew hardly a thing about the city I found myself in. I booked Anne the day before, and she was right there on time at my apartment the following day. We started out the tour by Anne helping me purchase a book of 10 metro line tickets and a map of the entire city. Next, we laid on the grass near the Eiffel Tower, and she pointed out all of her favorite areas. I didn’t want to have a stereotypical tour, thus I requested that she take me near one of her favorite areas, the canal. The entire experience was lovely. I felt completely comfortable with Anne as if running into a long lost friend. I will always remember my first day in Paris with fond memories due to Anne’s tour. For anyone who has never been to Paris, or anyone that has been and would like to see a part of town that is off the beaten path, Anne is the person to take you there. You will not regret it.
– Brandon K

I would absolutely suggest anyone traveling to Paris to tour with Anne. In fact, I wrote her information out to about four American couples we met during our trip and encouraged them to contact her. Her services would make anyone’s Paris trip a more pleasurable experience! Not only that, but her tours are very reasonably priced, and she ended up saving us a lot of money by teaching us the metro system so we didn’t have to take cabs. She is also great with restaurant/shopping recommendations!! Thank you Anne! You really made our trip wonderful!
– Lindsay W

I tagged along with my husband on a last minute work trip to Paris, with nothing but time to explore the city ALONE. This was very scary and exciting, but I found myself paralyzed with to-see lists and a little fear of going at it by myself (high school french almost totally forgotten). I had been to Paris once before and had seen the main tourist sights (had never been on the metro), but I wanted to dig deeper and really get off the beaten path. I found Anne’s blog, Pret à Voyager, via the Design*Sponge Paris City Guide. I stumbled across [her tour] on her blog my first evening in Paris, and was touring with Anne the next afternoon! She responded to my request immediately the next morning and met me at my hotel across the city (on time). She taught me about the metro, showed me how to buy tickets, took me to all of her favorite design shops, stores for children (I have a 2 year old), markets, parks, and bakeries (I’m still thinking about the chocolate pistachio escargot roll). I felt like I was hanging with a long lost friend all afternoon who helped me make many purchases, taught me a little etiquette and equipped me with the confidence and a new must see list for the rest of the week. In 3 hours, my whole perception changed and I was ready to conquer the city for the rest of the week alone. I continued through the week to go down the list of restaurants and things she suggested I do and had the most wonderful adventures. I felt as if I was the one ‘in the know’. Stumbling across Anne was so serendipitous and I will remember my trip to Paris and my time with her always.
– Ashley K

Anne made my stay in Paris so lovely and fun. I’ve already visited Paris 4 times before this time and need new and different experience. Anne expresses herself and her favourite style on online such as blog and Instagram and therefore, it was easy to know “SHE MUST HAVE LIKEMINDED TASTE TO ME”. This my feeling was absolutely correct !! Because of Anne’s human connections, I had chances to speak the cafe owner and artisan. I also enjoyed the talk with her at her favourite cafe and she inspired me not only as a good guide, but also a woman who works in the ideal style and area. I checked the next ticket to Paris on the train towards London (my home). She sent me a recap email after the tour to explain everything we walked around together. It was so useful and I feel her kindness. Having a knowledgeable and kind local at the travel destination brings our travel to the different experience. It will give us another scope to explore the destination. Definitely recommend booking her tour in Paris.
– Momoko

As soon as I started planning my honeymoon to Paris I absolutely knew I needed to book this tour with Anne!! I have been following Anne’s design/blogging career for a few years and when I saw she was giving tours of Paris I immediately added it to my list of things to do in the city. I can’t say enough good things about the tour and Anne as a guide. She took us around her favorite ‘design-y’ boutiques, and, knowing that my husband and I are designers as well (I am stationery designer), of course paperties were on the list!! We strolled through some of her favorite nooks around Paris, and stopped into a tea and eclair shop where we had some yummy pastries while chatting about design and the city.
– Lizelly

My first trip to Paris was August 2016 and I booked Anne to give me the confidence to explore/navigate the city as a solo traveler. Anne exceeded my expectations. I roamed all over Paris like a pro on my 2nd day and my obsession with Paris was born. When I had an opportunity to return to Paris in November 2016 I hoped Anne would be available again. Thankfully she was and this time she showed me Montmarte and WOW…best tour ever! While she was showing me all the various street art in the area we came across Levalet (street artist) being filmed with his artwork by a German TV crew from Berlin for a gallery open of his work. Seriously, it’s like Anne is covered in pixie dust and if you’re with her cool things just happen. She is a delight to talk to and her knowledge of art, design and Paris make her the trifecta of fabulousness. I can’t say enough awesome things about her. But don’t just take my word for it…book a tour with her and experience it yourself. You won’t be disappointed. You can bet that I will book a tour with her each time I visit, no matter how many times I go.
– Kimberly O

Fabulous! Anne knows this city inside out and is a terrific guide. She’s also great fun to spend time with. Arranging a tour with Anne at the start of your visit is a wonderful way to get the most out of your stay; she’ll show you how to ride public transportation, teach you insider tips on finding clean public restrooms, and point out attractions and destinations based on your own interests, as well as the things everyone comes to Paris to see. Highly, highly recommended!
– Lynda D

Anne is an exceptional and talented guide. She combines her interests in art, culture, literature, not to forget her invaluable practical advice, into a complete and enjoyable adventure. She tailored our time together specific to my requests and added her cheerful, friendly personality to a most memorable time. I highly recommend you take three hours of your time in Paris to walk with Anne. She will not only provide you with simple suggestions that will enrich your experience, but unique and special anecdotes that you will remember long after your time in this magical city is over.
– Peggy S

I got in touch with Anne for a last minute tour and she was super responsive. My tour was scheduled for the day before my final day in Paris (I was there for a week). I highly recommend doing this early on in your trip to get the most out of your time there. Anne will share tips on how to really enjoy Paris’s many beautiful neighborhoods. She’s friendly and knowledgeable and you’ll have a great time.
– Amira E

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome Tour. So worth it. Got us comfortable with the city-so we weren’t scared to go and get lost in it :) Thanks Anne!!!
– Shelby


TO BOOK: Email anne@navigateparis.com. Include PARIS TOUR in the subject line with the type of tour you’re interested in. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Cancellation Policy

  • All payments are due before tours take place.
  • A 100% refund will be given any time a tour must be cancelled by your guide. (A very rare occurrence).
  • A 75% refund will be given to cancellations with at least 48 hours notice.
  • No refunds will be given for clients who cancel with less than 48 hours notice.


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