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Travel Book by Air France

A couple months back you may remember that I was on a press trip with Air France to Nice to scope out the city, while testing out their new Facebook/iPhone app Travel Book by Air France. I’m excited to finally share it now that it’s officially been released. People are always asking me for recommendations for a place, and I seem to go blank as soon as they ask do, so this app is a really great way to record and remember your favorite places. I particularly love the integrated... Read The Rest →

Nice: Eat Socca

Travel is never complete without sampling a bit of the local cuisine. In Nice it was all about the socca. On our press trip we were lucky enough to hang out with the regional manager of Air France Nice. So once we had checked into our sweet hotel, we were off for socca (and to discuss social media) at one of his favorite places: Chez Pipo.As soon as you enter you see the restaurant you see what resembles a brick oven with what resembles a pizza. But in fact, it’s... Read The Rest →

Nice: Chantier Sang Neuf

Les abattoirs is one of those French words that doesn’t just happen to make into the French language. Hearing it spoken, it sounds a bit like “les laboratoires,” which at the time made sense to me. Until then I kept asking “laboratory for what.” So 20 minutes into the visit to Chantier Sang Neuf in Nice, having the realization that I was in fact at a slaughter house was one of those wonderfully foreign moments. In any case, as part of our AirFrance adventures in Nice we got to check... Read The Rest →

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