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Berlin Inspiration #1

I don’t know what it is about my upcoming trip to Berlin in May, but I’m extra excited to research the place and really get inside the city. I’ve actually been to Berlin before, about six years ago. This time I’ll be there for The Hive bloggers conference, where I’ll be speaking. (It’s not too late to get tickets! May 19-20) Despite being a two day conference, it was “cheaper” to go for a week, so I decided to seize the day–err, week. I can’t wait to be surrounded by... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Anne Ditmeyer / Prêt à Voyager

With nearly 100 Boarding Pass features under my belt, I felt it was time I finally put myself to the test and respond to the questions first hand. I leave for a week long trip to Venice later tonight which is looking to be quite the adventure, so it seemed the perfect time to reflect on my own travel philosophies. With 30 countries and 47 US states under my belt, here’s my take on things. Bon voyage! –Anne {Reflections in the souks of the Marrakesh medina} last trip taken: Most... Read The Rest →

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