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High Five: Day Trip Champagne {Reims}

My parents were in town over father’s day and we decided to take a little day trip to the champagne region. There are three main options when it comes to taking the train – Reims, Epernay (which Meg visited) and Laon – which are just about an hour from Paris. For no particular reason we opted for Reims (knowing my dad, he probably liked that train schedule the best). We were on the 11:30 train out of Gare de L’Est, and back to Paris on the 6:45pm train, and while... Read The Rest →

High Five: Berlin

Last month I was in Berlin for The Hive conference. The way airfares were, I decided to go ahead and stay for a week, knowing as long as I have myself, my computer and internet from time to time, I can work from anywhere. It was my second trip to Berlin, so I didn’t feel any pressure to see or do anything in particular other than sit in cafés, work and explore. I mean chai tea lattés are only 2,50Euro in Berlin, so I had to find an excuse to... Read The Rest →

High Five: Budapest, Hungary

It’s amazing to me that I went to Budapest this past May with less than 24 hours notice, and of course the irony is that I’m just now mentioning the trip on my blog for the first time. Unfortunately, a friend who was supposed to go had to change plans and go to the US last minute, so there was an extra ticket and a travel companion in place. It didn’t take much begging to get me to go; I’d finally really take advantage of the fact that I’m a... Read The Rest →


When I was in Copenhagen over the summer I was lucky to meet up with the Everplaces team.  I love what they do and how they make traveling, saving and sharing your favorite places fun, and in a visually interesting way where form matches function. Their latest version of their app just launched last week, with some great new functionality (free in the iTunes store). In honor of the new release, they also asked my friend Ashley – aka Chasing Heartbeats – to make a video. I’m lucky enough to... Read The Rest →

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