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Tons of ideas on my @pretavoyager Instagram (I tag my pictures by arrondissement!) + Twitter! Paris Travel Tips How to ride the Paris metro (video) My favorite Paris addresses Food Markets: (Bastille Market Sun+Thurs am on Blvd Richard Lenoir, Marché au Enfants Rouge – for lunch 39 Rue de Bretagne, 75003, Marché Aligre is opened daily except for Mondays in 75012) Food: + (which is nice because you can search by opening days) +,  Rachel Khoo favorite places + Lost in Cheeseland Where to drink the best coffee in Paris Best cocktails on 52 Martinis The Bloggers Guide to Paris, full of my favorite... Read The Rest →

Paris Travel Tip #5

The metro (and bus) is a fantastic way to get around Paris, and you can save both time and money by buying a carnet or book of 10 tickets, which can be used on the bus, metro, and RER (within zone 1-2, which is mainly where you’ll be with the exception of airports and Versailles). There are weekly and monthly passes, which are great if you’re here for a long time and expect heavy ridership, but there’s a small fee up front (~5 Euros) and you’ll need to have a... Read The Rest →

Paris Travel Tip #4

Tip #4 : Use your phone or camera to photograph the mundane – ie. bus route, store hours/names – to act as a cheat sheet and reference later. Whenever you’re in a new place, it takes a little while to get your bearings. Yet, even as someone who has lived in Paris for a few years, things like bus routes still don’t come naturally to me. The bus is a great way to see Paris, as you’re always above ground and can see where you’re going and better understand how... Read The Rest →

Paris Travel Tip #3

Tip #3: McDo has the most reliable + free wi-fi in the city. Leela was in town this week and found herself happily on vacation, disconnecting by staying in an apartment without internet. However, for trying to meet up, lack of internet made it a bit more challenging. But as soon as I told her all McDonald’s in Paris have free wi-fi she was set. As many cafés that do have wi-fi tend to close early, when my internet is down at home, on several occasions I’ve found myself working... Read The Rest →

Paris Travel Tip #2

Tip #2: Don’t look any further than the walls of the metro to find out what’s happening around the city right now. You don’t need to open a book, newspaper, magazine, application or website to find out what’s going on in this city. From museum exhibits to concerts, and special events sponsored by the city, it’s all plastered right in front of your eyes – literally. I’m constantly thinking “oh, I have to catch that before it closes” thanks to a poster in the metro. It’s the ultimate unintentional multi-tasking... Read The Rest →


When it comes to visiting Paris, my rule of thumb is see the side of it that inspires you and sparks your curiosity; don’t just follow a check list of all the tourist sites you think you’re “supposed” to see. This may mean seeking out an exhibition of your favorite artist, visiting a French comic book shop, or looking for unique bookstores. You don’t have to do everything in one visit. You can always come back. 😉 Even after over 10 years in Paris, I’m still constantly uncovering new sides... Read The Rest →

Bloggers Guide to Paris

I’ve written about Paris countless times, so much so that I even created a Visit Paris page on my blog. But the fact remains that when it comes to certain subjects there are others who are far more expert than I. So I figured I’d put together this post which I’m dubbing the “Bloggers Guide to Paris” where I help introduce you to some other great people and resources for exploring the city by linking to some of my favorite posts they’ve written. I’m sure there is so much I’ve... Read The Rest →

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