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X-Cultural Exchange: Le Starbuck

I remember when I was living in France as a teaching assistant 9 years ago and the first Starbucks arrived in Paris. I didn’t like the idea one bit with the fear that the introduction of the take-away cup would ruin the Parisian cultural that has locals holding down a table at a café while catching up on the news or people watching – either way, it was a reason to slow down and enjoy the moment. There are now 63 Starbucks around France, and despite always buzzing – even... Read The Rest →

X–Cultural Exchange: Trader Joe’s

The more I go back and forth between the US and France, the more I have an appreciation of the little things that make each place unique. While you can find most things anywhere these days, this trip home I couldn’t help but think of all the things I would show my French friends if I were showing them around the US. And strangely enough I can’t tell you how often Trader Joe’s has come up as a topic of conversation during my travels, so I figured I’d introduce it... Read The Rest →

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