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Boarding Pass – Dorkys Ramos

Dorkys Ramos is a NYC-based magazine writer with a zest for travel. Her work has been published in Travel + Leisure, Time Out New York and Anthology magazine amongst numerous other publications, while her blog, Dry as Toast looks at anything from inspiring creativity to life in NYC, and her own travels. After her recent 23-day backpacking trip around Europe I’ve been dying to get inside her travel style and am so excited to have her on today’s edition of Boarding Pass. Thanks, Dorkys! A boat tour in Los Cabos,... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Anne Ditmeyer / Prêt à Voyager

With nearly 100 Boarding Pass features under my belt, I felt it was time I finally put myself to the test and respond to the questions first hand. I leave for a week long trip to Venice later tonight which is looking to be quite the adventure, so it seemed the perfect time to reflect on my own travel philosophies. With 30 countries and 47 US states under my belt, here’s my take on things. Bon voyage! –Anne {Reflections in the souks of the Marrakesh medina} last trip taken: Most... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Kaitlin King

Kaitlin King is a globetrotting anthropologist and artist currently based in Costa Rica. I love the colors that emerge from her Latin American-inspired travels and the way she creates colored collages at the end of a trip. Her travels are interesting too because they often take a “volunteer” spin as she is on a constant search for what is “real.” Thanks, Kaitlin! {Snapshot of me traveling in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile} Last trip taken: Panama City, Panama{As a designer, I adore exploring different typeface, and Panama City had the... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Joe Lukawski

This summer in Fez I was lucky to experience the intense yet relaxed travel style of journalist and film-maker Joe Lukawski. After an extremely focused filming session (we were down there for the Fez Festival of Sacred Music), more often than not some café sitting and mint tea sipping was in order, or lunch at Rachid’s. After summer travels around the US, Joe is now back down in Fez for his fulbright, working on a documentary film about the water systems of Fez. I posted about it last week, but... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Maggie High

One of the things I love most about travel is the way in which it can bond two people, even if you’ve never met, through lived/shared experiences. Although not on the same voyage, Maggie High and I were lucky enough to experience a 10-country adventure around the world on a ship on Semester at Sea. Clearly it’s something that rubbed off on us both as she’s off in South Korea teaching, and I’m in Paris. In addition to her travels, I am a big fan of how Maggie is using... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Hejorama

It may sound crazy, but meeting the French is harder than one would think. Sure you can encounter them on a daily basis, but cracking into their worlds is a whole other challenge. I feel so lucky to have met best friends Alex (programmer) and Ben (illustrator) of Hejorama about a year ago thanks to twitter and our blogs. Hejorama encourages “travel as you are,” and features regular content that not only presents interesting finds, but takes a stance on what they’re sharing (and with a good graphic eye). Read... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – David Nolan

Today’s edition of Boarding Pass is another in the continued look at the creative ways people travel, but with my new sub-interest in the ways people do it while working. Graphic designer David Nolan has been traveling the world – while working (aka location independent) – with his writer/photographer girlfriend Susie Harrison (see her Boarding Pass here). He started his own freelance design agency, Bright Spark Creative in 2007 and for the past two years has been able to manage his workload while on the road. He also has an... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Suzanne Harrison

Suzanne Harrison is a writer and photographer who travels the world while working. After leaving her London apartment five years ago to move to a farm in Devon, England to start her freelance business, two years was enough and she set off on a globetrotting adventure starting in Australia and New Zealand. These days she’s winding her way through Europe, currently based in Paris, with Berlin on the radar. In each location she sublets apartments for a few months at a time, and seeks out locals to help show her... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Anna from European Chic

Anna from European Chic doesn’t plan trips; she just shows up and talks to the locals. Each week I love the way the passions of the participants weave their way into Boarding Pass. Anna who documents interior design and inspiration in Europe through her blog clearly wasn’t lying when she said that architecture is her favorite thing to photograph. She’s currently off traveling in Warsaw, and I can’t help wonder what she’s capturing. Don’t forget to click the linked countries in her posts for some great shots around the world... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Jess of Skip Town

After a brief hiatus, I’m so happy to be back in full force with Boarding Pass, my weekly column exploring the creative ways people see the world. Today we kick things off with Jess Lillico of Skip Town: an online resource for creative travelers. As a graphic designer with a love of photography Jess’s blog is “dedicated to skipping town, to explore, enjoy and document the world.” The site is often a collaboration with her photographer boyfriend, Sean Fennessey, and they’ve combined their passions to create a fabulous (and well... Read The Rest →

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