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Boarding Pass – Meghan McEwen \ Designtripper

I’ve posted about Designtripper before, a site which beautifully combines travel and design, looking for interesting and alternative places to stay no matter where in the world you’re planning a trip (you can see my guest post about Hotel Amour in Paris here). And when it comes to mixing travel and design in interesting ways, Designtripper is just my style, and captures the scene in a way most sites are lacking. I’m so excited to have Meghan McEwen, founder of the site (and editor-in-chief for CS Interiors) for today’s Boarding... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Wandie Kabule

Wandie Kabule is a travel blogger and producer living in Los Angeles. Originally from Zambia, many of Wandie’s travels take us to Africa today (I love how she’s taking African dance classes in L.A. in order to prepare for her upcoming trip to Mali and Senegal!). Wandie is also currently producing a feature film called Negative Space, which you can check out here and is working to raise funding on Kickstarter. Thanks, Wandie and best of luck with the film and travels! {Sahara} last trip taken:Finland, Morocco, and Tunisia. I... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Sara Rosso

Sara Rosso is digital strategist, writer and photographer based in Italy. Author of Ms. Adventures in Italy, Sara seeks adventures around the world through food (gelato, anyone?). And speaking of food, Sara is co-founder of World Nutella Day, which celebrates the chocolate hazelnut spread every February 5th. Enjoy her beautiful look at the world in today’s edition of Boarding Pass! Thanks, Sara! {henna hands at Indian wedding} last trip taken:I went to the US & London for work, but my last trip taken for pleasure was Thailand over Christmas/New Year’s.... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Kasia Dietz

Today’s Boarding Pass feels a bit like a trip around the world (32 countries in 13 months to be exact, not to mention any other side trips). But it is just this wandering spirit that, as luck would have it, bring Kasia Dietz to Paris (by route of a twist of fate and a handsome Italian). Now this former NYC art buyer is commanding her very own line of handbags and totes which she sees as “wearable art, ” and the latest line has an eye on Paris. While Kasia... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Alice-Kate Raisch

Without a doubt, the best part about grad school is who you meet along the way. Although Alice-Kate Raisch and I never had class together, we quickly bonded over travel. She’s currently working on her thesis, studying the impact of travel and tourism in post-conflict regions, with a specific look at female education rates around Siem Reap, Cambodia. When not studying she’s the marketing and communications consultant for VINGT Paris. Often writing for them, publishing articles on hotels and events around Paris, Alice-Kate also contributes to some high profile travel... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Rachel Beanland

Rachel Beanland works in PR, and decided to take three months off of work to travel with her husband, a math professor on a Fulbright in Greece, and their 2-year old Clementine (adopted from Ethiopia) and 6-year old Gabriel (adopted from Guatemala). Through her blog If It Takes a Whole Life she documents the their beautiful family’s adventures with some great observations. So far they’ve done the Peloponnesian Peninsula (twice), Istanbul, Paros, Rome and Tuscany, with a few more areas of Greece and London before heading home in June. I... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Yah-Leng Yu of Foreign Policy Design

Today’s Boarding Pass takes us to Singapore, home of Foreign Policy Design, a design strategy, design thinking & ideas bureau. I discovered their work thanks to Pooja of Notabilia who made sure I was aware of the awesome work they had done for the Wanderlust Hotel. Yah-Leng Yu takes on the role of Creative Director for the agency. I love her eye, and as someone who spent a couple years of my life designing signage, I particular love her attention to the mundane, typography and signs. All this creativity has... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Ally FROM THE RIGHT BANK

Ally Kim started her blog From the Right Bank in 2009 as an online inspiration journal for her new home after having moved from the right bank of Paris to Seattle. She came up with the clever name of From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, but an unexpected move to Atlanta meant she stuck with From the Right Bank. Ally describes her style as global modern, and is drawn to French and Scandinavian styles, so I was curious to see how her international travels have influenced her style... Read The Rest →


Encounters and connections are a fascinating art. I still find it hard to believe that Tyler Johnson and Flávia Sanches met in line while at the DMV, during a point in their lives when neither spoke the same language, yet now are married and run one of my favorite design studios, Nomad Ink. Based in Brazil, their style is all their own with a handmade touch, and I’m most drawn to their nomadic tendencies that take them around the world researching, recording and teaching design in a cross-cultural context. Somehow,... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Tomas Barazza

WHAIWHAI is the Maori word for “to go in search for” and it’s the name behind the brilliant new guidebook series I posted about a couple weeks ago. Tomas Barazza and Fabio Salvadori, founders of LOG607, developed the alternative guides which emerged from the idea of rethinking the way people visit a place using a game as media. What emerged was a treasure hunt with a special cyphered book and any cellular phone that can text a network running 24 hours a day, and sending a text message gives you... Read The Rest →

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