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Boarding Pass – Anne Ditmeyer / Prêt à Voyager

With nearly 100 Boarding Pass features under my belt, I felt it was time I finally put myself to the test and respond to the questions first hand. I leave for a week long trip to Venice later tonight which is looking to be quite the adventure, so it seemed the perfect time to reflect on my own travel philosophies. With 30 countries and 47 US states under my belt, here’s my take on things. Bon voyage! –Anne {Reflections in the souks of the Marrakesh medina} last trip taken: Most... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass: Annamatic

I’m more than thrilled to introduce you to my brand new weekly column, BOARDING PASS, an insider look at designers and how they travel. I was honored when Annamatic (aka Anna Lee) enthusiastically agreed to be my first featured designer. I’m a huge fan of her blog have long admired her flickr albums and mini travel guides. I used her (very helpful!) mini guide in Bangkok last May, and now it’s been fun seeing places I’ve visited, but through her eyes. Without further ado, here’s Anna: [self-portraits in angkor wat... Read The Rest →

Hot Pink Wedding

While Baltimore brides tend to opt for the Washington Monument as their photo location of choice, Cambodians go a bit bigger – Angkor Wat. After viewing the 5am sunrise we headed out of that site only to see at least 4 or 5 wedding parties on photo shoots. All I know is that I think it’d be awesome to get married in hot pink! . . . Good insight into Cambodian weddings here!Weddings are always a fascinating look at culture. Remember this Big Fat Greek Wedding… {Yes, trip coverage from... Read The Rest →


{flags of Cambodia and Thailand} As much as I travel and much as I don’t keep my love of travel a secret, it still boggles my mind when people as me questions such as the one I got last week, “Why are you going to Thailand?” The shock is never on the place I’m going, but why I’m going at all. As far as I’m concerned, you never need an excuse to travel. But here are just some of the posts that helped inspire this trip: Primitive Culture on Thailand... Read The Rest →

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