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Boarding Pass – Brittany Watson Jepsen

Brittany Watson Jepsen, aka The House that Lars Built is one of the craftiest and most creative ladies I know. It was a blast getting to know her better (and in person finally) when we were roommates in Berlin for The Hive conference. She’s an American living in Copenhagen, so she understands the expat perspective (her husband is Danish and I love that when she got married she saw her wedding as an opportunity to create an awesome portfolio piece). Today she officially announced Blog’nhagen, an event she and her... Read The Rest →

Boarding Pass – Anne Ditmeyer / Prêt à Voyager

With nearly 100 Boarding Pass features under my belt, I felt it was time I finally put myself to the test and respond to the questions first hand. I leave for a week long trip to Venice later tonight which is looking to be quite the adventure, so it seemed the perfect time to reflect on my own travel philosophies. With 30 countries and 47 US states under my belt, here’s my take on things. Bon voyage! –Anne {Reflections in the souks of the Marrakesh medina} last trip taken: Most... Read The Rest →

Inspired by Iceland

Inspired by Iceland from Scandinavian Travel Services on Vimeo. Thanks for all the great suggestions for Sarah & Bruce’s honeymoon (I think we actually be making it harder rather than easier for them!). That being said, my top suggestion for them is ICELAND! Granted, its reputation may be covered in ash right now, but it’s a naturally gorgeous country, topped off by an amazing design scene that even manages to make neon cool again. As people who like music and design, I think I’d also suggest they go during Iceland... Read The Rest →

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