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Bloggers Guide to Paris

I’ve written about Paris countless times, so much so that I even created a Visit Paris page on my blog. But the fact remains that when it comes to certain subjects there are others who are far more expert than I. So I figured I’d put together this post which I’m dubbing the “Bloggers Guide to Paris” where I help introduce you to some other great people and resources for exploring the city by linking to some of my favorite posts they’ve written. I’m sure there is so much I’ve... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Normandy with Design Mom

For those of you who think having kids means the end of travel, think again. Gabrielle Blair, aka blogger extraordinaire, Design Mom proves that what some may think impossible, is possible. This winter Gabrielle and her husband Ben packed up the entire family – all 6, yes six, kids – and moved from Denver, Colorado to Normandy, France for the year. I’ve loved following her series on her blog documenting the family’s move and new life in France, and a life much different than mine in Paris (her sister Jordan... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Alsace Lorraine – Fleurishing

Living in France is by no means a pre-requisite to being a Francophile or exploring France beyond Paris. I’ve never been to Alsace Lorraine myself, so I’m happy to have Philadephia-based Susan Hutchinson of Fleurishing and Nesting LLC to show us around in the ongoing ‘Tour de France’ series. Susan’s mother side of the family is from Strasbourg (there is even a suburb – Zehnacker – named after her family!) and Susan was able to visit the area on a recent visit to France. As Strasbourg is almost on the... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Verdun – Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna

A chance to teach English in a public elementary school brought Brenna of Le Fabuleux Destin de Brenna to France. While I did the same thing, but for a high school in Paris 8 years ago, I envy Brenna’s opportunity to truly immerse herself in French culture with fewer distractions (& expenses) of big city life. As she says, “When I first moved to Verdun, I didn’t didn’t find it to have the allure of the tranquil sunny south, nor the vivacity thriving under the bright lights of Paris. But... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Paris by Arrondissement

20 arrondissements and 19 guest bloggers later the ‘Tour’ de France, Paris edition has come to a close – for now. All my guest bloggers did such an awesome job sharing their neighborhoods, I wanted to put them all in one easy to find place, and create a giant resource, whether you’re looking for some weekend inspiration or a new Paris read. Mille mercis to everyone for their great work! Bon week-end à tous! The last 2 digits of Parisian zip codes refer to the arrondissement or district. There are... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Paris, 19ème – Meg Zimbeck

More and more I find myself frequenting the 19ème arrondissement (75019), whether to take advantage of the upper end of the canal, go to the cinema, hang out in Buttes Chaumont, or to check out the latest at the contemporary art center/ former funerary hall, 104. However, after Meg Zimbeck‘s look at the 19th in today’s Tour de France, there’s still so much more I have yet to discover. Also, as summer is upon us, this clearly is the arrondissement for festivals. Meg also happens to be the founding editor... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Saint Germain en Laye – Famille Summerbelle

Today we stick closer to Paris with a look at Saint Germain en Laye (78), located in the western suburbs of Paris, about 20km away (just 25 minutes on the RER A, it’s the terminus of the line, where as soon as you leave the train station you see the Chateau de Saint Germain en Laye where Louis XIV was born). I’m so pleased to have Julie of Famille Summerbelle – the creator of those really awesome paper cut city maps and pens a great kid/design friendly blog with her... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Languedoc-Roussillon – Chez Loulou

{Looking down on our petit village. Population 418.} As Paris is starting to feel more we’re in the midst of April showers (complete with jackets and scarves – in July), I’m happy to continue our vicarious escapes. Today Jennifer of Chez Loulou continues the Tour de France series down south with a look at the Languedoc-Roussillon region she calls home. While making a living cooking up delicious dishes, what I love most about Jennifer’s blog is that a) she writes about all the cheeses she eats (she’s at 200+ of... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Toulouse – Denise Laborde

{Toulouse is not called La Ville Rose for nothing. Red brick everywhere.} No ‘Tour de France‘ would be complete to a few side trips outside of Paris. I’ll be running the final installment of the Paris arrondissements later this week, and then a little recap (I’ve already explored some new-to-me places suggested from my guest bloggers, and I’m a super fan!). But for now, let’s head out of cold, rainy Paris (is it seriously mid-July?) to get a welcome reprieve down south in Toulouse with Denise Laborde of Creative Juice.... Read The Rest →

Tour de France: Paris, 1ère – Prête-moi-Paris

{ed. note: does anyone else see the Eiffel Tower in this coffee?} The 1st arrondisement (75001) is the central hub to Paris, and is the start of the nautilus shell that wraps around to create the 20 different districts. Home to the more upscale Louvre, Tuillerie Gardens, Palais Royale Gardens (one of my favorites lately), concept shop Colette, and Angelina’s famous hot chocolate, it also contrast with the Chatelet and Les Halles (currently under a major renovation) where masses of people enter the city through the RER commuter lines. Today’s... Read The Rest →

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