Inflight Disruption

One of the coolest thing about being a blogger with a social media presence is the opportunities it has led to. In the past year I’ve had the chance to write for a handful of magazines which I love – Anthology, Dwell, and now easyJet. The crazy thing is there has been a role reversal. For writers the process typically involves a lot of pitching and a lot of waiting before anything gets written. It may just be a fluke, but I’ve had the fortune of editors approaching me. Having my blog and my professional work easily accessible online, along side twitter has led to a shift where editors can find me when I don’t even realize they’re looking. There’s still some pitching and finessing of ideas, but it’s an interesting role reversal with contemporary communication. So 5+ years and 1,000+ posts later, something seems to be working.

Anyway, that being said, you can find my latest work about pulling off Parisian style in the September issue of Traveller, easyJet’s inflight magazine. Thankfully, it’s also available online. When it comes to travel magazines, it’s actually one of my favorites – it’s really successful at making me want to visit the featured places (that they conveniently can fly me to) while not making me feel like it’s something completely and absurdly out of my budget. You can download the entire issue if you create a login, or click here for my article!

p.s. How clever is the article illustration by Tang Yau Hoong!?!


  • The article illustration is simple but nice; i like it. The article should be a little bit -not much- denser; talk of (french or universal) culture also and maybe food.

    (I´m just answering your questions)

  • Thanks for the feedback, Robin. Definitely agree it could be pushed further. Was super hard to keep within the word count, so just had to cover the basics to start. Hopefully there will be more :)


  • Congrats on the feature! Being a travel writer sounds like such a great opportunity! Funny thing, I spent some time dwelling on in-flight magazines when I was traveling last week (

    I liked the one I was reading for the same reasons you pointed out–unlike some highbrow travel publications, these features made the destinations seem accessible and I could totally picture myself there!!

  • Thanks for sharing, Staci! Totally agree with your post that airline mags are under-rated. A lot of them are doing really interesting things, and pulling in cool creative types. In fact, I’m almost positive the same team helps run Hemisphere as easyJet Traveller, amongst other. Click the link at the bottom of the post to download the entire issue to get inside other mags.


  • I actually love reading easyJet’s magazine on a flight!

    So funny that you mentioned Cafe Charlot — I lived a few blocks away and spent many afternoons there, people watching and eating their addictive shoestring fries :)

    And speaking of scarves, have you noticed how almost every French guy on the metro wears the exact same knit scarf with thin vertical stripes? It always makes me laugh because they’re usually wearing the same style coat in black or navy too!

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